Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tali! I love you so much!!

Woah...4 Days...

Hey y'all. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's just that nothing has been going on worth posting, you know? But today, it's Lag Ba'omer BHYY. I shaved (Todah La'El), listened to music, it's all good now. And I'm leaving soon to go to New England Region NCSY's Spring Regional Shabbaton in Honesdale, PA, at Camp Seneca ("You're at Seneca?! Woah!"). It's my last shabbaton :'( I'm going to miss NCSY.
I'm doing shachris and maftir. Should be fun.
Aight, I'm out--coming back on Monday. Have an awesome shabbos y'all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Schimmelism Of The Week XIX

He is taking notes, Gross, you are simply taking up my oxygen.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

More Stupidity; I'm Going To Miss The Nashim

So I'm watching tv tonight, and a commercial for "breast augmentation," and the first side affect they listed was, "pain."
Anyway, Shabbos was aight (this isn't part of the "More Stupidity" part). I couldn't sleep Fri night, because my shoulder was killing me, so I slept through shul. I woke up at like, 1210, started davening around 15 mins later. Abba, Peggy, Tali and Reni came home a few minutes after I started and started lunch without me, which I didn't care about. We ate, then I learned some Nedarim. Not only did I learn some Nedarim, but..I finished Seder Nashim! WEEEEE! I'm going to miss the Nashim though...Next up, weed! Hehe just kidding, Seder Zera'im. I started Brachos already. Actually, a looong while ago, one Fri night, I did the first 5 chapters of Brachos, so I'm, of course, starting with the 6th now. Right before Mincha today I did 6:1, just so I could say I started it already. I don't know when I will finish Zera'im, it has like, 11 or 12 masechtos, so hopefully sometime when I'm in Eretz Yisrael next year I'll finish. That'd be awesome--making a siyyum in EY. Oh baby...
I think that's it for now...
George: Say good night Gracie.
Gracie: Good night Gracie.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Yeah 3000 Hits!!

Thank y'all for coming and reading--yes Ed, I know, it's only you pressing refresh a bunch of times, but still, thank y'all for reading.

Shiur Chabura

So mine's tomorrow. It's on [what else but] shechita b'Shabbos. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Yom Huledet Samei'ach II!

Nope, sorry Sara Adina, this isn't for you again, this one's for my roommate!

Happy Birthday Avishai!

So his brother and sister in law took him out to dinner (paid by their mother), and their mother said invite 4 friends. So I was the 4 friends. We went to Noah's Restaurant in Teaneck. I had noodle soup, bbq spare ribs (the didn't like me), and chocolate peacan pie.

Can anyone say "free food?"

Yeah free food!!

Can anyone say "free food for 2 days in a row?"

Yeah free food 2 days in a row!!

Yom Huledey Samei'ach!

Happy Birthday Sara Adina!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Baseball, Baseball, And Baseball...And Did I Mention Baseball?

Yesterday I played catch with Mayer-Deutsch. It was awesome. It was my first catch in a while, since before Pesach, so it was fun. It was annoying though, because it we had to play catch on the basketball court because the grass was "too busy growing..." Yeah...Anyway, but whatever it was fun. I had some nice catches, inclusing a running and jumping one (not off of a cliff though, sorry everybody), it was nice...
And it was during our catch I remembered what the best sound in the world is (well, besides the other one, some of you may know what it is...). It's the sound of the baseball hitting the glove. It seriously is the best sound ever. I could fall asleep to it. You know those radio alarm things with those noises? Like, a running stream brook thing, rain, thunder, the wind, etc.? So they should make it that one of the noises there is ball-hitting-glove. It's sooo relaxing and comforting. Like, walking by the field Shabbos morning on the way to shul, listening to the guys playing catch, AH it's so beautiful. Shiros le'oznai (songs/music to my ears). The sound the catcher's glove makes is the best, because of the way it's made and the speed the ball usually is at when it hits glove. Oh wow, Baruch Hashem Laila VaYom.
And today, once again BHLVY, we finally played shiur softball! WEE! We played 2 games, first game was 7 innings, my team batted first and I was 7th (then 6th because someone left) in the lineup, and the second game was 5 innings, my team had last slicks, and I was leadoff man (for the second game we just continued the order, and Klapper, who batted before me inthe first game, made the last out, so I was first the next game. YEAH BABY!). In the first game, I was 2/4 with 2 infield singles, a strikeout (that was annoying), and I was "thrown out" at first in my 2nd at-bat. I was really safe. I know it's like in jail everyone's innocent, so same thing here that the runner is just always safe, but I really was, I saw the ball get there as I touched the base. Last I checked that's called a tie, and tie goes to the runner. AND if I would have been safe that would've been awesome because right before Jeremy pitched the ball, he said loud enough for me to hear, "I gotta get him," and then I lined the ball up the middle--but no, it hit Jeremy in the thigh, caromed to the 2nd baseman, and I got "thrown out." Whatever, we lost that game 6-4. I played first base the whole day, and it's a good thign too, because I got some bad throws, and I made some nice stretches and got them. It was fun, I made some nice plays. One play, I almost made an over-the-shoulder catch, but, of course, the ball landed in my glove, and at my angle couldn't look at my glove, so I didnt close my glvoe at the right moment, and it dropped. Whatever, I don't think anyone scored that inning, BH. But the 2nd game, so I lead off and was safe again at first. I didn't go anywhere though. My second at-bat, I was up with the bases loaded, and I...drove the ball to center, but it was caught :'( A run scored though, so I got an RBI. Not bad. So now I'm 1/1 with an infield single and an RBI, 3/5 for the day. We proceeded to score all of our 7 runs in that 2nd inning. It was nice. We were cruising, even if our pitcher did have two broken arms...Again, I made some nice plays, really nice stretches. One play, J-Lu was on first, and Rebbe (I think it was him) popped it up to Danny who was pitching, he caught it near the foul line. J-Lu was running, so he was going back to first, Danny threw it to me, I fell, caught the ball with my right hand (bare hand, my glove is on my left hand), and as I fell backwards, I tagged J-Lu, double play, inning over. That was awesome. By the end of the 2nd game I was 2/2 with that sac fly RBI, so that's 4/6 on the day with an RBI. Pretty good. I'm pretty fast. Not so fast, but decent. All in all, it was a lot of fun, but I left my shirt and tzitzis there, I gotta go get it soon...iyH it will still be there.
Lotsa fun today. Here are some of the funny quotes from today:
Merrill: You know what Doc said once? He said that Jonny Fruchter was the biggest pothead in the school. And Little Jake was in the room when he said that. His presence was duely noted.
Danny: Tonny can't play softball today Rebbe, he's wearing a Red Sox hat.
Tonny: At least I'm not the one with 2 broken arms. [ed. note - yes, both of his ams are broken. Sorta.]
Dani: Doc I wasn't ready for this pratice regent, so it's all a boggle in my mind.
Tonny: I like that game. That's a good game.
Time to go learn some more Nedarim. And get my shirt/tzitzis maybe...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shechita, Then BBQ!

Yup, that's right. Tonight shechita class went a little bit longer than usual. At the end, we had 3 kosher chickens, and a bbq/roaster thing. So we had a party, Chaim, me, and 2 other guys in the class. So first we were going to have it on the roof, and I was like SWEET because I've never been on the PMOSE roof before...But then we decided not to, because there won't be a lot of smoke. Well, the smoke was coming, so I left to my dorm room to get my fan to air out the smoke, and when I came back, Chaim told me that Avraham (the dude who shechted--he doesn't have his kabbalah yet) moved up to the roof because there was too much smoke. And again I was like SWEET! So Chaim, Aaron (the last dude) and me were sitting and talking in the lab (where class is), and I asked Chaim why one time he was stuck in a desert in he it wasn't a dessert, just in Romania with his best from who was getting married to a Romanian, so he told us his adventures. People following him, trying to steal stuff...whatever, Chaim's crazy, but he's awesome.
Then we went upstairs, and pretty much started eating. Oh my God, it was awesome on the roof. niiice view of The George [Washington Bridge]. It was great. The chicken was amazing. At that point, I texted like, 10 of my friends including Ed, and when he got my text, he called and this is how the conversation started:

Tonny: Hey Ed, whazzup?
Ed: Jump.

Yes Ed, I'll jump...NO. But the chicken was abso-freakin-lutely amazing! I was like, "Hey George." Soooo fun. Y'all should do it sometime.

Quote by Ed because it's just soo funny and Ed's stupid:

Tonny: He can't be a shochet if he's not shomer torah u'mitzvos
Ed: So doesn't he just have to stand in front of it with a gun?

Ah Ed, I love ya dude.
Aight, lail tov vachalamot metukim y'all.



Villian! You want to watch the Hero crumble and

What type of Disney character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Asright boy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


My phone charger is broken. Great...BH that one of the freshies has the same one as me, and let me borrow it last night. I'm probably going to need to borrow it at least one more time before Friday.
So I haven't eaten yet today. I'm rather hungry.
No shiur today--we went to the YU Museum. I didn't want to go, not enough money and I just didn't want to. So I'm here. Going to do papers, extra learning, it's all good. I hope...
I wish I could go to Westchester's graduation. I know a few people there graduating. 4 of them I've known for all my life. Elysia, Jason, Matt and Jackie. Daniel I've known for a while, he comes to Fairfield here and there. Phil, whazzup? Ari I know, he's my chavrusas bro in law...OMG...I just realized something...
Mazal tov to you all!

No, This Isn't Happening--It Must Be A Dream...WAKE ME UP NOW!!

WAKE ME UP LORD!! I've had good dreams before (oh yes, I DEFINATELY have had good dreams before, just recently I had a great one...), and this ISN'T IT!!


I got this IM at 2214 from Sara Adina:
Sara Adina (10:14:17): BARUCH DAYAN HA'EMET Aaron Rosenfeld, a senior @JEC passed away a little while ago, from an undiscovored brain tumor. Please pray that Hashem will have mercy on him. Refael Aharon Elimelech ben Penina Leba (send this to as many people as you can).


First Oren from Westchester (in again, in my grade, by the way) is niftar last year hiking somewhere on St George, somewhere in the Carribean or something, and now this. WHO'S NEXT LORD, HUH?? WHO'S NEXT?!

Please Lord, I'm just angry.
Ok, let's try this again....Take 2.

Ok Lord, I'm calm, but what are you doing? Come on Lord, why? Why Oren (who all my friends say was just like me, which kinda scared me a little bit when I heard he was niftar...)? Why Aaron? It's not fair. They were too young. Too young...

We shouldn't do what I just did. Well, asking why...we won't get answers so quickly, unless Maschiach comes. We hope that happens soon. But, life is so precious. We have to get as much out of it as possible. It's like what Eminem said, "...You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow / This oppurtunity comes once in a lifetime..." Life only happens once. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, thank the Lord for what you have. Thank your friends for being there for you. Tell them you love them.

Thank you guys. Everybody. Thank you. I love you all.

I love You too Lord.

Baruch Dayan Ha'emes. HaMakom yenacheim osom b'soch sha'ar aveilei Tziyon Virushalayim--Blessed is the True Judge. May The Lord comfort them [the Rosenfeld mishpacha] in the midst of all the mourners of Tziyon and Yershalayim.

Schimmelism Of The Week XVIII

No, they won't be the real, classic Schimmelisms from the Good Rabbi himself, but 2 other quotes from today that I just thought were hilarious.

Lesser: Rabbi [Bronstein], I see that you are trying to grow a beard.
Tonny: And he's successful, unlike you Lesser.

Dr Cahn: All of you will be able to do it, it's easy.
Kevin: Uh, what about Sussman?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Advantages Of Learning At MTA

Advantages Of Learning At MTA
by: Moshe Kamioner
changed a little bit by: Tonny Schwarzmer
1. We have a security company that has the same name as a Simpsons character and famous actor.
2. Instead of taking a foreign language class, we keep the windows open.
3. The "ice cream" truck is always around, even at 3 am in January.
4. We know that the white powder is not anthrax.
5. "We are the highest point in New York." Or: We are the "highest" point in New York.
6. Hands on experience with local plant life.
7. Excellent Classes --> Street Crossing with Prof P. Wagon, PHD in survival.
8. Excellent Classes --> Sy Syms, how not to run a business, Dr. Time Out Lady.
9. An area with everything from black hats and black pants, to black people.
10. Crucial tactical fire-drills.
11. WiFi for "Educational Purposes."
12. Life experiences, i.e. what to do if you are stuck in a mosh-pit of 200 people.

Shabbos At YU

Shabbos afternoon at YU in three words: Settlers of Catan...
Right so I didn't do that Shabbos afternoon, but I did watch a few minutes of it. I must say, it's...very competetive. So Friday night I was at Devora's! Weeeeeee! That was fun. And then Shabbos lunch I was at my uncle's and aunt's (also on the otehr side), with another young couple who just got married who went to harvard together with my uncle's and aunt's oldest daughter. They were nice, AND the wife thought I was funny! Weee! Yeah funny! And Schwarzmer humor!! It actually gets me, whoda thunk? .... Anyway, after lunch, I played Scrabble against my aunt, and she beat me by like, 30 or 40 points, and then I played my uncle, who beat me by 6 points, 316 - 310. (I broke 300! WEEEEE!) I got a 7 letter word, equated for 93 points. That was sooo CLUTCH!
Then I came back to the YU side, talked with Rebbe for a bit (he was out walking with the mishpacha), and the following, among other stuff, ensued:
Tonny: I'm almost done with [Seder] Nashim, and I might do either Nezikin or Zera'im next.
Rebbe: Oooh, weeds...
Tonny: Rebbe, you know us MTA boys, women and drugs.
So then I watched Josh Wilk and his son of 2 years old beat a dude at Backgammon. Josh's son was roling him whatever he needed, it was very cool, and he's sooo cute!
I then went up to learn a bit, Nedarim, finishing the 4th (or 5th...?) perek. Minchaed, then went to the other side for shaloshudes by the Eli[e]'s. That was fun. Then Maariv at Har Sinai, saw Yoseif Weinstock, that was cool. Saw Max Davis, which was funny because he's Dani Steiglitz's roommate...
Then went back to the Eli[e]'s, and then went back to DJ's to get my chapstick and see what they were doing. Ended up we went to Golan, I got a shwarma laffa (yes Ed, it was for you), DJ got a shwarma plate, and Hinda and Chaia got pizza from Time Out (aka Slime Out by Rabbi Schimmel).
It was so annoying, sometime on Shabbos afternoon, a few of my eye lashes entered my eye, and I couldn't get them out til like, 1200 on Motzash, or sometime close to that time. By the time I got it out, the bottom-right of my eye had blood visible there, and has been there all day today.
Speaking of today, I hung out with BethAnne! Weeeee! That was so fun. We have to do that again Beth. AND COME TO NER'S REGIONAL!!
We also visited BAdina! Weeeee! YAY BADINA!! I love you BAdina!! Don't worry, I'll get you those cds soon. Actually, if you want to borrow any other of my cds, please please please just ask me, and you'll get them.
And today (May 16--hey, it's past midnight) we start out new schedule! Out by 345. Can anyone say, "extra learning?"
Yeah learning! Yeah Torah!
Aight, laila tov vachalamot metukim. I love y'all.
ps - Oh yeah, so Fri night, Hinda and I were walking back to Har Sinai to see if Dovid Green was there to invite him for dessert, and a group of like, 5 guys passed us, and I was like, "Good Shabbos y'all." And all of them were like, "Y'all??" One dude yelled back, "You from Texas?" I'm like, "maybe..." Oy...stupid people, "y'all" is sooo much easier than saying "everybody," or, "you all." EVERYBODY should say "y'all!"

Friday, May 13, 2005

Why Am I Not Sleeping At 4 AM?!

Oh right, because I can't breathe...I almost forgot....

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Can You Say Atzmaut?

Chag Atzmaus Samei'ach!!

Hehe, just kidding...

CHag Atzmaut Samei'ach!!

Laila tov vachalamot metukim.


I Hate John Sterling

I hate him. There's nothing else I can say. He is just the worst announcer in the history of baseball. Even worse than Dizzy Dean who has said stuff like, "And he slud into third," and the like.
For all of you who are wondering who this John guy is, John's the guy who goes, "The Yankees win! Theeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!!"

Yeah, that's him.

So you know how he makes these nicknames for like, everything? "It is high, it is far, it is GONE! The Giambino!" "An A-bomb, by A-rod!"

Well, he's got a new one:

"It is high, it is far, it is GONE! The BamTino!"

Oh gosh....John, shut your mouth already.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Oh, Before I Forget

I also Benched (no, not bentch) with Jeff tonight! WOOOOOO!

Fantasy Baseball Update

So on one of my teams I have Troy Percival, who went on the DL (disabled list) becasue he apparently has a partial tear of his right flexor pronator muscle mass. What the heck is a flexor pronator muscle mass?! In the news reports, I imagine Stewart Scott on SportSCenter go, "And Troy Percival partially tore his right flexor pronator muscle mass. Wherever THAT is..." Yeah it's in the forearm, but like, hello?!
So tonight I benched Paul Lo Duca, because recently (in the past week) he hasn't done so well, but Omar Vizquel has, so i benched Lo Duca and put Vizquel in. Well, of course, The Lord has to say to me, "Dude, it don't matter who you put in, I make you win or lose," and Lo Duca homers tonight, and Vizquel goes 0/3. BH Kent and Bay hit hrs at least, and someone stole a base, and Mo got a save, and iyH Wickman will also get one, so it won't be SO bad. But still rather annoying, the Lo Duca thing is.
Oh yeah, Radke's ERA tonight was 6.00, and his WHIP was 1.50. But BH at least Arroyo was good tonight, his ERA was 1 something, WHIP was less then 1, so that's good. IYH they'll X each other out.
Oh yeah, and with all that, the Mets alost lost 7-0. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude, I'm fine, I'm TOTALLY cool right now...
So my placements in the 4 leagues are: Rabbi's league, 9th; Yahoo Public 240019, 5th; and the last 2, 12th. But I don't really care abotu those. I'm only really doing Rabbi's and the one I'm in 5th. So don't worry abba, I'm not doing all 4 leagues, just too, and it's not ALL my time, don't worry about anything...

Aight I think that's all for tonight. Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Psychology AP

Well, BH it's over. I skipped in total probably 15 questions, but it was more than that before I went back and answered the ones I had skipped in the beginning. After 50 questions, I had skipped 11 questions. Most of them I answered when I went back, except maybe 2 or 3. And the essays, they are called free-response questions. Well, let me tell you, the questions were free of response from me. The first essay had 8 parts to it, we needed to give an example of something for each of them, and I didn't know any, but wrote about one. And the 2nd essay was 3 parts, one abot hypnosis, and I knew that one, so I wrote that one. The other 2, I didn't know. And that's it. So yes, the free-responses were free of responses.
Well, BH it's over.

Schimmelism Of The Week XVII

What if I told you blacks have cantelopes hanging from their ears? Which btw, I hear they don't.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Why doesn't ANYONE believe me about ANYTHING?!?!

Donuts = Health...?

So I just came back from Rubin Shachris, after which there were free donuts from YSU. The sign said:

Ysu would like to wish you a Good Chodesh and a healthy summer.

Free donuts, healthy summer. Right....

The Second Motzei Shabbos TV Thing

I remembered it!! Weeeee! So anyway, it was a Mets commercial, and the guy said, "Come watch the Mets break out the heavy lumber!" So I yelled out, " YEAH heavy lumber!" So I asked Reni, who was right there, "Can you say 'heavy lumber' Reni?" "Heavy lumber." "Thank you Reni."
So then I go in to the living room, and ask A & P if they can say heavy lumber, and they say together in unison, "Heavy lumber," and as I'm leaving I say thank you.


Ok, I was wrong, that wasn't supposed to be funny...

The Day In The Boro[ugh] Park

So we left the house around 11, and got there around 100, 130--traffic. First we went to a shoe store on 39th St. and 13 Ave. (everything is on 13th) I looked around, and they had REALLY nice shoes. It's funny too, cuz one of the brands I really liked is called Bostonian. So I looked around, prices were around $60 - $80. I was like woah, expensive. So I told Peggy let's look if there are cheaper prices, and if not we'll come back. I liked the store, especially the deer heads on the wall...hehe.
Then we went to M&M, another shoe store. They had nothing I liked, the shoes didn't have the Shabbos look I wanted, like, nice and shiny and all that, they all looked and rugged and whatever, which I don't want. Also, the shoes didn't click. I like shoes that click--you know, when you step, the make a clicking sound. It makes me feel important, I love it. Anyway, they didn't have those shoes at M&M, and, they were like, $300, it was nuts. So then we went to look for dresses for Tali, a Shabbos Bas Mitzvah dress that Savta is paying for, and a weekday outfit that's really cute and tznius (BH). Then we went to some store and I got a new wallet. But I can't fit all of my wallet stuff in's a problem.
So then we went back to the first store, tried on some shoes, and finally I got a pair. AND...they click! BOOYA! Can I get an Amen here?? *Black minister-ese*

Yeah asright, AMEN!

And I'll be here in the Heights for Shabbos, so if you want to see my new [clicky] Shabbos shoes, you should come...:-)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

TV Stuff

So I was watching tv tonight, and I saw two really funny commercials. One was for Sprint, something about watching tv on their new phone, and the Spring guy (you know, the one in the trenchcoat) goes, "Watching a guy on tv, watching tv. Doesn't get better than that." I was like, that's awesome, and started laughging.
And the second one I don't remember, which is really annoying me right now. Sorry to all of you who were actually expecting something funny (or expecting something that would pretend to be funny but really wouldn't....). If I remember it, I will DEFINFATELY tell y'all.
Laila tov vachalamot metukim. I love you.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Quick Bit Before Shabbos

So last night I was watching tv, and I saw a car commercial; it was for a 2006 Mercedes SUV.
Uh...hello?? Didn't it just turn 2005?! 2005 isn't even half over, and here they are, already coming out with 2006 cars, ready to buy!
Yeah, thought so...
Have an awesome shabbos y'all. I love y'all.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Yom HaSho'ah, Birthdays...

Yes, today was Yom HaSho'ah. Of course, tomorrow really is, but observed today because tomorrow is Friday and all that...anyway, I just want to share a little bit about Yom HaSho'ah.
So at our Y"Sh thing at school, R' Schiller was talking about how our emunah and mesiras nefesh doesn't even come close to that of the survivors. And we saw a presentation, in which someone told a story of someone who had a gun put to his head by a nazi--Yemach sh'mam vezichram (may their names and memories be erased and obliterated)--officer (like they deserve capitalization?) and was said to him, walk on the Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) or you die. He said back to the nazi put your gun to my head because there is no way I'm going to degrade God's Name. As Rabbi Schiller put it, "imagine, if the simplest Jew in Poland could do that, imagine how much we have to work on ourselves." I thought that was like, wow.
Indepent of that, even though The Lord had let the Holocaust happen, he is still with us, and with us even in the Holocaust. This is my favorite story.
One of the many survivors in my Hungarian shul was taken to a conentration camp at like, 13, 14 yrs old. This story may have taken place at Buchenvald, where he was at one point, or another camp, I don't remember, In any event, he was told to work in the ammunition factory, and he worked the machine that sized the bullets for guns. If they weren't sized right, then the gun would backfire, explode in the face of the user, stuff like that; it wouldn't be pretty. And if he was caught making the wrong sizes...I'm sure you can guess what would happen to him. One day, this man in my shul was making buckets upon buckets upon buckets FULL of bad bullets. All-of-a-sudden, the inspector was coming. He got nervous, but switched the dials on the machine as quick as possible; at least he'd have SOME good bullets on top. They were scattered among the bad ones. The inspector came, stuck his hand in one of the boxes, took a bullet out, measured it....and lo and behold, it was a good bullet. Don't tell me that wasn't of God's doing...
On a more positive note, again, Adina, happy birthday. I love you!
And another birthday Miriam Ita Notowich in St Louis turned 6 today! Weee! She's just sooo cute. If only you knew...
Aight, Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yom Huledet Samei'ach!!

Happy Birthday ADINA!!! I love you!!


Finished Mas' Sotah...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Almost Done...!

Well, I just finished maseches Nazir today Mishanayos. Now I just have 10+ prakim (chapters) left (Mas' Nedarim - 9; Kesubos - 1; Sotah - 2/3) in Seder Nashim. Weee!

I love Nashim.

Coach Carter: Review

If you haven't seen Coach Carter yet, and you don't want it ruined, then you probably shouldn't read this. I might not ruin it, I don't know yet, but best be safe, y' know?
AMAZING MOVIE. I love it. What Coach Carter is just awesome. Education first, basketball second, wow. And I love how confident he is, and how he acts it. He acts respectful, but when he talks, you know that he knows he knows he's right. You just get that sense, with everybody rioting, running cars into his store, wanting to get him fired, that he's right. It's amazing, and I admire that so much. I love Samuel L Jackson. Not because of this, I always have, and once again, Samuel L does an phenomenal, spectacular job.
It sucks though, how they lose in the end to St Francis. Just like, damn, that's annoying. But Carter turned the boys into men, he diciplined (sp?) them, and more importantly, made them better, into winners. 17-0 is awesome. Fine, 17-1, whatever, but forfeits shouldn't count. But still awesome.

Amazing, awesome, fabulous, fantastic, stupendous movie.

Five thumbs up. I recommend it to everybody. Too much cursing though. If you really want, you can get the Mormon edited version.

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.



I left my baseball glove at home...


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Back At School

*Sigh* Yeah I'm here. But right when I got here, abba got me supper! Weee! We went to Golan Heights. I had my shwarma finally BH! Oh it was Gan Eiden...ohhhhh yeahhhhh. Boy it was awesome. So Hinda, I guess you don't need to get me one anymore, but if you want to, I wouldn't mind anyway ;-)
Aight wish me hatzlacha for "kayyitz z'man..."

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.


Schimmelism Of The Week XVI

Since I didn't do it last week I'll give y'all 2 this week:

Joseph Pfefferkorn was a common criminal. He did common things in a criminal fashion.

Rabbi: ...and the punctuated equalibrium was...
Tonny: What's a punctuated equalibrium?
Rabbi: They are jerks of sudden growth in society. Speaking of jerks of sudden growth, is Hoffman here?

Post-Yomtov Ramblings: Abba Cheats, School, Sotah...

So yomtov was fun, even if Abba cheated at Scrabble and won and I got 2nd place. He added "mire" to "quag," but NO ONE noticed that the 'i' was connected to "longest" making "longesti." And then three turns later I was like OH MY GOD. I went crazy I couldn't believe I didn't look. Abba said he was doing it as a joke, but no one noticed so he kept it. Oy...
I caught up A LOT in my mishnayos which is good. In Sotah (which btw is THE COOLEST masachta so far I have learned) I have ch 8 & 9 left, and in Nazzir, I got 9 left and that's it. Actually no that's not it, I have to do Nedarim and the last perek in Kesubos, and I'm all done with Nashim (Student: Rebbe, I love nashim, what do I do? R' Cohen: I love nashim too; Kiddushin, Kesubos, Yevamos and Gittin. Hehe...), of course to return to it at a later point when going over mishnayos. Of course.
Oh and I couldn't sleep Motzash (Sat night). That was fun...not. Although I did read to get tired, and BH that worked.
So I go back to school later, after shul. I don't want to go to school. Westchester [& maybe Frisch] ended class already. Westchester's graduation is the 15th. How ridiculous is that? And one of my friends is going to the Carribean (yeah Pirates of!) for a week with a bunch of friends. LIke hello? Just going, just like that? Jeez, now THAT'S ridiculous.
Oy, I need a Maus REALLY badly...
Did I mention Sotah is THE COOLEST masechta ever so far? I mean, I've only learned about 2+ sedarim, but still, it's awesome. Mo'ed Katan is also up there in coolness.
I was going to say something, but I totally forgot what I was going to say. I hope it wasn't important. Ha, like anything I say here is important...