Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Coach Carter: Review

If you haven't seen Coach Carter yet, and you don't want it ruined, then you probably shouldn't read this. I might not ruin it, I don't know yet, but best be safe, y' know?
AMAZING MOVIE. I love it. What Coach Carter is just awesome. Education first, basketball second, wow. And I love how confident he is, and how he acts it. He acts respectful, but when he talks, you know that he knows he knows he's right. You just get that sense, with everybody rioting, running cars into his store, wanting to get him fired, that he's right. It's amazing, and I admire that so much. I love Samuel L Jackson. Not because of this, I always have, and once again, Samuel L does an phenomenal, spectacular job.
It sucks though, how they lose in the end to St Francis. Just like, damn, that's annoying. But Carter turned the boys into men, he diciplined (sp?) them, and more importantly, made them better, into winners. 17-0 is awesome. Fine, 17-1, whatever, but forfeits shouldn't count. But still awesome.

Amazing, awesome, fabulous, fantastic, stupendous movie.

Five thumbs up. I recommend it to everybody. Too much cursing though. If you really want, you can get the Mormon edited version.

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.



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