Monday, May 09, 2005

The Day In The Boro[ugh] Park

So we left the house around 11, and got there around 100, 130--traffic. First we went to a shoe store on 39th St. and 13 Ave. (everything is on 13th) I looked around, and they had REALLY nice shoes. It's funny too, cuz one of the brands I really liked is called Bostonian. So I looked around, prices were around $60 - $80. I was like woah, expensive. So I told Peggy let's look if there are cheaper prices, and if not we'll come back. I liked the store, especially the deer heads on the wall...hehe.
Then we went to M&M, another shoe store. They had nothing I liked, the shoes didn't have the Shabbos look I wanted, like, nice and shiny and all that, they all looked and rugged and whatever, which I don't want. Also, the shoes didn't click. I like shoes that click--you know, when you step, the make a clicking sound. It makes me feel important, I love it. Anyway, they didn't have those shoes at M&M, and, they were like, $300, it was nuts. So then we went to look for dresses for Tali, a Shabbos Bas Mitzvah dress that Savta is paying for, and a weekday outfit that's really cute and tznius (BH). Then we went to some store and I got a new wallet. But I can't fit all of my wallet stuff in's a problem.
So then we went back to the first store, tried on some shoes, and finally I got a pair. AND...they click! BOOYA! Can I get an Amen here?? *Black minister-ese*

Yeah asright, AMEN!

And I'll be here in the Heights for Shabbos, so if you want to see my new [clicky] Shabbos shoes, you should come...:-)


Blogger Stairmompeg said...

I had a great day today with you and Tali! This was definitely my best Stairmother's Day EVER!

You know the rules...WEAR THE SHOES IN GOOD HEALTH!!! May they help you take the steps you need to take, to become the (clicky) person you were meant to be!
Love & Hugs,
Stairmom Peg

Mon May 09, 05:54:00 AM 2005  

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