Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She Did What...??

By now you have all probably heard about the stupid little girl who stole top-secret IDF military documents, and gave them to a reporter, uri blau of haaretz. "Some of the documents include detailed plans for military operations, the deployment of IDF forces in routine and emergency situations, operations against terrorist leaders, evaluations, and more." If these documents fall into, or have fallen into, ch"v, enemy hands, it could mean a lot of soldiers killed. Originally, they thought uri only had 50 (which is what he gave back awhile ago), but when they asked this girl, anat kamm, she said she gave him about 2,000 documents.

So the question is, really, why did she do it? Why would she risk her life, basically, in copying these documents and giving them to a journalist? Because ideologically she didn't agree with the army (or so I've read). Right, okay. Even if that wasn't the reason, what idiot would do something so stupid as to endanger the lives of fellow Israelis? This is one thing I just can't understand about the leftists in this country. They don't care about the welfare of fellow Israelis, fellow Jews, just about the poor, oppressed arabs. People who are trying to kill us, of a differnt nationality other than their own. What kind of people are they? To not care about their own brothers??

And people are even defending them, anat and uri! People are calling anat the victim, calling this oppressing the media! WHAT?! Are these people nuts?! What the hell are they saying?? How dare they defend these people?? Let me tell you, if someone stole American Army top-secret documents, they'd be all over their @$$ in half a second.

And haaretz...don't even get me started. They're paying for his lawyer, and expenses, and supporting his staying in London... as MK Ben-Ari said, haaretz should be closed down for defending this guy, and I totally support that. Anyone who can defend a guy like this should be shot. I call for any self respecting Jew to boycott haaretz newspaper. They can't get away with what they're doing.

I'm sorry I'm all over the place and not explaining myself well, but this makes me so mad that people can do this. There's a reason why the military has secrets, and it should be, as it has always been, on a need to know basis. Besides, the terrorists should be killed anyway (uri wrote on article talking about how the IDF disobeyed the supreme court and killed terrorists when they could've been arrested, which is how this whole mess started in the first place), but that's for a different post.

Let's hope for better news tomorrow.


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