Tuesday, May 17, 2005


My phone charger is broken. Great...BH that one of the freshies has the same one as me, and let me borrow it last night. I'm probably going to need to borrow it at least one more time before Friday.
So I haven't eaten yet today. I'm rather hungry.
No shiur today--we went to the YU Museum. I didn't want to go, not enough money and I just didn't want to. So I'm here. Going to do papers, extra learning, it's all good. I hope...
I wish I could go to Westchester's graduation. I know a few people there graduating. 4 of them I've known for all my life. Elysia, Jason, Matt and Jackie. Daniel I've known for a while, he comes to Fairfield here and there. Phil, whazzup? Ari I know, he's my chavrusas bro in law...OMG...I just realized something...
Mazal tov to you all!


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