Thursday, May 19, 2005

Baseball, Baseball, And Baseball...And Did I Mention Baseball?

Yesterday I played catch with Mayer-Deutsch. It was awesome. It was my first catch in a while, since before Pesach, so it was fun. It was annoying though, because it we had to play catch on the basketball court because the grass was "too busy growing..." Yeah...Anyway, but whatever it was fun. I had some nice catches, inclusing a running and jumping one (not off of a cliff though, sorry everybody), it was nice...
And it was during our catch I remembered what the best sound in the world is (well, besides the other one, some of you may know what it is...). It's the sound of the baseball hitting the glove. It seriously is the best sound ever. I could fall asleep to it. You know those radio alarm things with those noises? Like, a running stream brook thing, rain, thunder, the wind, etc.? So they should make it that one of the noises there is ball-hitting-glove. It's sooo relaxing and comforting. Like, walking by the field Shabbos morning on the way to shul, listening to the guys playing catch, AH it's so beautiful. Shiros le'oznai (songs/music to my ears). The sound the catcher's glove makes is the best, because of the way it's made and the speed the ball usually is at when it hits glove. Oh wow, Baruch Hashem Laila VaYom.
And today, once again BHLVY, we finally played shiur softball! WEE! We played 2 games, first game was 7 innings, my team batted first and I was 7th (then 6th because someone left) in the lineup, and the second game was 5 innings, my team had last slicks, and I was leadoff man (for the second game we just continued the order, and Klapper, who batted before me inthe first game, made the last out, so I was first the next game. YEAH BABY!). In the first game, I was 2/4 with 2 infield singles, a strikeout (that was annoying), and I was "thrown out" at first in my 2nd at-bat. I was really safe. I know it's like in jail everyone's innocent, so same thing here that the runner is just always safe, but I really was, I saw the ball get there as I touched the base. Last I checked that's called a tie, and tie goes to the runner. AND if I would have been safe that would've been awesome because right before Jeremy pitched the ball, he said loud enough for me to hear, "I gotta get him," and then I lined the ball up the middle--but no, it hit Jeremy in the thigh, caromed to the 2nd baseman, and I got "thrown out." Whatever, we lost that game 6-4. I played first base the whole day, and it's a good thign too, because I got some bad throws, and I made some nice stretches and got them. It was fun, I made some nice plays. One play, I almost made an over-the-shoulder catch, but, of course, the ball landed in my glove, and at my angle couldn't look at my glove, so I didnt close my glvoe at the right moment, and it dropped. Whatever, I don't think anyone scored that inning, BH. But the 2nd game, so I lead off and was safe again at first. I didn't go anywhere though. My second at-bat, I was up with the bases loaded, and I...drove the ball to center, but it was caught :'( A run scored though, so I got an RBI. Not bad. So now I'm 1/1 with an infield single and an RBI, 3/5 for the day. We proceeded to score all of our 7 runs in that 2nd inning. It was nice. We were cruising, even if our pitcher did have two broken arms...Again, I made some nice plays, really nice stretches. One play, J-Lu was on first, and Rebbe (I think it was him) popped it up to Danny who was pitching, he caught it near the foul line. J-Lu was running, so he was going back to first, Danny threw it to me, I fell, caught the ball with my right hand (bare hand, my glove is on my left hand), and as I fell backwards, I tagged J-Lu, double play, inning over. That was awesome. By the end of the 2nd game I was 2/2 with that sac fly RBI, so that's 4/6 on the day with an RBI. Pretty good. I'm pretty fast. Not so fast, but decent. All in all, it was a lot of fun, but I left my shirt and tzitzis there, I gotta go get it soon...iyH it will still be there.
Lotsa fun today. Here are some of the funny quotes from today:
Merrill: You know what Doc said once? He said that Jonny Fruchter was the biggest pothead in the school. And Little Jake was in the room when he said that. His presence was duely noted.
Danny: Tonny can't play softball today Rebbe, he's wearing a Red Sox hat.
Tonny: At least I'm not the one with 2 broken arms. [ed. note - yes, both of his ams are broken. Sorta.]
Dani: Doc I wasn't ready for this pratice regent, so it's all a boggle in my mind.
Tonny: I like that game. That's a good game.
Time to go learn some more Nedarim. And get my shirt/tzitzis maybe...


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