Sunday, November 02, 2008

2008 This Year In Baseball Awards

That time of year is back, folks! It's that time to vote for Mets players for the awards again this year. The Mets actually have a candidates in the key categories, best hitter, pitcher, play, and performance. Hitter and performance are both Carlos Delgado; performance for going 3-5 with 2 hrs and NINE rbis on June 27 (two days after his birthday) at the Bronx Zoo, aka Yankee Stadium, and hitter, well, you can tell why. Pitcher, obviously Johan Santana. Even though he was only 16-7, if it weren't for the bullpen, he'd have at least 20 wins for sure. His ERA was also 2.53, and had 206 K. Best Play of the Year, is Carlos Beltran, who jumped over the fence to rob the Cardinals of a homerun (for those who've followed the blog for a while, you guys know that's my favorite play in baseball).

In the Best Play category, there are actually a few other really, really good plays. Max Ramirez, the TEX catcher, I would say should be ranked 2. Reed Johnson and Willie Harris both made spectacular plays.

Well, good luck to the Mets, and...Next Year's The Year!


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