Monday, October 27, 2008

Look At These Guns

As I mentioned once, because I'm in yeshiva in the Old City, and that I live in Givat Zev, I can get a pistol license. Well, b'ezrat Hashem that will happen soon, as a month will be up in around a week or 2 and I will get my license. Because one only has 2 months to buy a gun after he gets the licnese, (or else he has to go through the whole process again -- it happened to my chavrusa) I have started to look around. I'm looking at getting the Smith & Wesson 6906 (similar to the 659 you see), which a friend at Aish got in black -- I'd be getting it in silver (besides for looking cooler, I've read that stainless steel is much better quality than black) -- for 2250 shekel.

I went yesterday to the other shooting range in Yerushalayim in Talpiyot to look at what they got. The guy showed me a new gun that just came out, the Bul Cherokee (3rd picture down), really suggested I get it. I said I didn't want a new gun -- they're usually expensive, but he said that this one is only 2990. It's 40% plastic, so it's really light, and really comfortable. It's big, but light, and holds 16 bullets. The SW I want, is smaller, but heavier (not too heavy though), and holds only 12 bullets. I don't know, we'll see, maybe I'll look for another store, see what they have.

Til next time.


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