Monday, October 06, 2008

Annoying Israeli Government Offices

Two weeks ago I gave in forms for a gun license, but I didn't have a passport picture, so she told me just to bring it whenever. I asked how long it would take and she said about a month.

Today I went in to give in that picture and she said, what, you came in just to bring in the picture? You didn't have to bring it in today, we call you in the end, and then you bring it in. What, Revital (the girl who dealt with me) didn't tell you? Uh, no I said.

So then I asked her how much longer it would be, and she said another month. I asked, "that's what the girl said 2 weeks ago." She then stares at me over her glasses and says, mamash no. Right now we sent out those licenses for people who came to us in August.

More waiting...


Blogger YK said...

i feel your pain
try to get a car parking license. expect trouble and headaches - for nothing! many countries try to make it difficult for people to buy arms, so i'm not so surprised. but car parking license? come on

tks for including my blog in your blogroll\


Fri Oct 31, 02:46:00 PM 2008  

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