Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Muslims Urinated Next to Torah Scrolls at Cave of Patriarchs

Muslims Urinated Next to Torah Scrolls at Cave of Patriarchs

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

"Muslims converged on the Cave of Patriarchs in Hevron Friday for Ramadan prayers, urinated next to Torah scrolls and left behind Hamas flags.

"The Cave of the Patriarchs is the tomb of the biblical founders of the Jewish faith, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their wives, Sarah, Rivka, and Leah.

"The desecration occurred on one of the 10 days during the year that the holy site is open only to Muslims and is closed to Jews. The same arrangement also is accorded to Jews on 10 holy Jewish days.

"Uri Karzen, a Hevron resident, reported that a Kohen, who recites the priestly blessings during the Sabbath morning service, told him he smelled urine next to the Holy Ark containing Torah scrolls. Karzen and other worshippers moved the table, where the Torah scrolls are placed during the reciting of the portion of the week, in order to avoid the foul smell.

"The Hamas flags were discovered in the windows that mark the burial sites of Abraham and Isaac and the matriarchs, Sarah, Rivka and Leah."

Yeah doesn't anyone find a problem with that...?

Noam Arnon, spokesman for the Jewish community in Hevron, said there is always some sort of damage discovered upon their return every time Jews are prohibited from entering the holy site."

We should just prohobit the Arabs from coming at all? Seriously, it's obvious that they don't care about the place, they just want to cause us problems. We should just chuck them. This makes me sick.


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