Monday, October 27, 2008

New Suit

I got a suit for my wedding, and that's the only suit I've been wearing since then (the pre-wedding I've had since 12th grade and was getting small/old), meaning that if I don't take it to the cleaners for awhile, I'm stuck with wearing a not-so-clean suit. Before Rosh Hashana I decided to take it in, but figured, I'm going to need to take it in after also, so I might as well wait. Tzivia, though, had a different idea. "You only have one suit?? Buy another one, gosh!"

So I went yesterday to buy another one. Shopping for the wedding suit took maybe 2 seconds -- how hard is it to find a straight, black suit? It didn't take me long to find it. This time, however, I didn't just want to buy a black suit, I wanted pinstripes, like mafiosos....or Sfareidis (sfardi chareidis, nickname made up by....don't remember who), whichever, take your pick. So I went looking. I went to the wedding suit store in Geulah on Malchei Yisrael, but didn't have anything I wanted -- after I had gone to the other stores, I realized that are really expensive -- so I went down the street.

They had much better prices, and something I liked, but still I wanted to check out one more store. I walked in, and went to the size I was looking for, 48. I saw about 6 suits, 4 of them really similar to each other and to the one at the other store, that I liked. I then decided to look at size 50, why not? I looked, and saw The Suit. Prefect pinstripes, perfect in thickness and distance. But alas, 50 is too big. And it wasn't really similar to the suits I had liked. I then looked at 46, why not? And again, The Suit was there, in size 46. A thought then came to me: my wedding suit is 46 (I had, yes, gained a little weight since then, so I figured to buy a 48), so if this one is too tight I could just take it out a little bit, and the owner of the store agreed. I tried on the jacket -- not only did it fit (it's a bit too tight when I close it, but I only close it for Shmoneh Esrei, and it's also nothing a little running can't fix), but it also had 4 buttons, something I had always wanted. When I had gone shopping for my wedding suit, the guy said, "4 buttons has been out for two years." I then tried on the pants...a perfect fit. All he had to do to the suit was to make the cuffs, and that's it. It felt a little weird getting a suit, and the guy not making any markings on it with the dry soap at all.

I'm so excited for Shabbos with a new suit.


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