Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The "New" Post-Army Hesder

What is hesder? It's a four year program (people think it's five because most guys are in yeshvia until shana heih (or more), not starting the actual four years until shana bet) where guys do a year and four months of the army, and the rest of the time learning in yeshiva, all the while technically soldiers in Tzahal. Post-army hesder guys are there if there's an emergency, before milu'imnikim (reservists) are called up.

Funny thing though. Until now, the post-army hesder guys were barely ever called up, if at all. They weren't even called up for the Second Lebanon War -- they weren't in any type of unit to be called up. You can't just go in war and battle, it has to be all set up with commanders and officers and equipement and all that stuff. You can't just go if you want to.

So the army finally started doing what it should've been doing a long time ago -- putting us in actual units, that if chalilah v'chas they need us, they can call us.

Because my army ID was stolen with my wallet last week....(don't ask)....I had to wait outside of the base for around 2 hours until I got permission, and even then I had to wait until the radio room actually called it in to the guards. On Sunday I have to go to get a new one. That means that until then, I can't get my regular 9.60 shekels on inter-city busses. Including the bus on the way to the base to get my new ID...whatever.

Anyway, back to where we were....this week they started the new post-army hesder, putting us in actual milu'im units. The question I have is is it just hesder guys, and when we get out of hesder, we're put in actual milu'im units? Or these are milu'im units, and we get put in now? Either way, we'll find out...

It's actually kind of cool though: if there's an emergency, we report to a certain base that just happens to be right outside of where I live; maybe two minutes by car?

When we got there, we had to fill out a form (the usual name, address, t.z. number, etc. etc.), and had a short interview with our new colonel. He seems nice. I think he was surprised by the number married guys we had...hehe. He asked me what I did in the army, and I told him, sharpshooter. I don't see why I won't continue that in my new unit. Fun paka"l...

He even asked if I wanted specifically to be with any of my friends, or just to put me wherever he wanted, which was nice, because I did want to be with some specific people. A few of the guys I mentioned were spread out, but at least I'm with one of them I said.

Rabbi W has told me a few times how his brother and this guy have been together in the army the whole way, starting from basic training, all the way to going together to the same vatika (like where I was at in Ofrah), and even in milu'im together. And you wouldn't guess...they live in the same neighborhood, and go to the same shul.

Yehi Ratzon it will be a peacefull time...


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