Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dorm Basketball Update

So my team played last night, the Pappis, called so because Pappi, the bodeiga dude, sponsored my team. So we played Golan Heights (of course, sponsored by Golan Heights, obviously...), Joe's team. Well, we WON! WEEE!!!! We won by 1 in OT. Great game. I had 2 points, a nice shot. a few steals. It was a good game. y'all wish y'all were there....but I have numbe 34 :'(....So now my team is 3-4, winning 3 in a row (even though they counted last week's forfiet in the standings, I don't count it, because, I mean, come on, it just doesn't count). We're picking it up. We got the new kid from "Trono." It's funny, he's great at basketball, and he doesn't play hockey. Not something you expect from someone from Trono, you know?

Aight, have an awesome day y'all!!



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