Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Tomorrow, Tomorrow..."

Yup, tomorrow it is. 730 tomorrow morning I have to be at Bakum, the same place I was at on Jan 25 to get my tags and ID. I'm staying at my friends house in Ramat Gan, which is like, literally minutes from Bakum.

I was going to post on Sunday, but the computer froze and was annoying. I remember a while ago when I would see a chayyal, I would think, "hey, that's going to be me at some point sometime soon." But then motza'ei Shabbos I saw one and I thought, "hey, that's going to be me not sometime soon, but in THREE days." Like, it kind of just HIT me. But I'm excited, I can't wait.

NOTE TO THOSE CONCERNED: To all those who are going to lose sleep because I am in the army, DON'T. Well, not yet at least. Literally, nothing happens in the beginning. So don't worry. Yet.

Next time I write I will be a full chayyal. Can't wait. And hopefully I'll be posting a new picture.

14 hours, 25 minutes...


Anonymous Ima said...

I have stopped sleeping already last week. Can't help it, I worry about you no matter what.
We got the picture of you and Zalman, Rabbi Wolicki sent it to me. By now the whole world has seen you in your uniform and everyone thinks that you look cool. Linda sends her love and so does Mrs. Gunny and everyone is davening for you.Much hatzlacha in all that you do.Love you much and miss you even more.

Fri Mar 23, 08:07:00 PM 2007  

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