Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And Now For The Stuff You Guys Don't Know About...

So I finally get to be on the computer for a little while, you guys (whoever you may be) don't even know what happened. Just that I'm a chayyal and that's it -- there was a whole shindig.

I needed to have my profile closed by January 18th in order to be in the chiyyul last Thursday. But I still needed to do a color blind test (which they did the first time but the chayyelet didn't write it down. *sigh*), and I was running around to sign up for kupat cholim to do the color blind test, when Yedidyah (the guy who was taking care of me with all this) called me, he said, they sent your file to Be'er Sheva (because I'm learning in Ohr Etziyyon), so go to Yerushalayim NOW and open up a new file, and get it closed, and don't leave until they tell you that you have a 97. So I went, got to Yerushalayim, spoke to Tal (the dude Yedidyah spoke to), Tal took care of me and zehu. At one point, Tal was asking his commander Avi (the head dr. I think -- he was wearing a blue shirt), he wants to be in the chiyyul next week what should I do?

Avi: Who told him to come here?
Tal: Me.
Avi: Who told you to bring him here.
Tal: Yedidyah from his yeshiva.
Avi (In english): Who the f*** is Yedidyah??

Later he was telling Tal to forget Yedidyah. Tal told me later not to worry about it. BH it all worked out.

We got to Tel HaShomer last Thursday at 1000 am. But the soldeirs wouldn't let us go in. 50 minutes we had to wait. Finally they let us in. 1100 we start. Then I had to go to the bathroom. Because of that I had to go to the end of the line. When I was going back to the line, a saw a guy from my yeshiva who was on my bus in line with me who was almost done. So I started the process, and right before the last thing to do, we broke for for lunch... I left at 430 after getting there at 1100. I would've left earlier if I didn't have to go to the bathroom. *sigh*

I was going to go to Beis for Shabbos, but then someone said that Superbus is free for me. So I was like, Beis, paying for it, or Solomonts for free...and there you go.

And there's the stuff you guys don't know about.


Blogger Bracha said...

I'm guessing I know what it is you left out.
Crazy weekends..gotta love them...
I have some questions but not sure if I'm ready to ask them yet...

Mazel tov, Tonny.

Thu Feb 01, 06:08:00 PM 2007  

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