Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where Have You Gone....Tonny...?

I know I haven't posted in a while -- the yeshiva took away the internet, and we can only go on it between 130 - 330. Thing is though, all of the past 2 weeks, I'd go during lunch, and the computer room would be locked...

Anyway, here's an update: I started the army process officially: I had my tzav rishon (lit. first declaration). That's where you have the interview, the physical, where you get your Profile Number ("Do you have a 97?"). After a long while of not recieving my tzav rishonm I had it on Sunday. At first I thought that a guy in my yeshiva had used his protexia (connections) and set it up for me. But then at my first interview the guy (well, chayyal) asked me, "Do you know why we called you here?" Apprently, they had seen i was in the country for longer than I am allowed without going to the army, and they wanted to know whazzup.

Me: Uh, I was planning on being mitgayeis (drafting) anyway.
Chayyal: Oh, that makes things much simpler then.

So he said, while your here now, do it now. So I did. A lot of waiting. Got there at 730 in the morning, waited 40 - 50 minutes for the first guy to get there, then at the end i had waited an hour for my personal interview, and that took over an hour. I left at 215, 230. I was told I had done everything, but no. This guy in yeshiva I talked about before, he called the army to see about my profile, but they said that they want me to meausure my blood pressure and pulse for the next 10 days, and also to check if I'm color blind. Thing is though I did that color blind thing already. Whatever. And I need to get them signed by a doctor. BH, Thank the Lord that the Rosh Yeshiva's wife is a doctor, she could sign this stuff, we'll fax it and with God's help, on January 25th I become a soldier.

Scary isn't it?

Don't worry though, I won't be training yet, that's on March 21st. I'll be a soldier with most of the benefits (cheaper busses, free trains), but without the bad stuff (fighting, training, always being tired). Not bad, right?


Blogger Shemen Ra'anan said...

You know, there's other perks than free trains and cheap buses. There's the food, hithces to places you've never heard of, and Bein mechalel Shabbat for the first time. While technically you're being mechalel Shabbat(i fought my rebbe tooth and nail on that one), i'll imagine that it feels really weird the first time you do it. i did it once three years ago, when i drove Rebecca to the hospital Shabbat morning. i tell you man, it's almost a scary feeling, and i wasn't even serving my country.

Hang in there, and don't worry. Just like the U.J.Federation when you pledge them money, the IDF will always find you. i had the same issue when i went to yeshiva. They sent me my papers, and wrote a letter scheduling my tzav rishon while i was in yeshiva. Go figure. i guess since they couldn't have me, they'll take you. What a consolation, i guess.


Tue Jan 09, 03:02:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Karban Nesanel said...

no no, when i'm in shalat (thats when im technically a soldier but still in yeshiva), that's pretty much all i get. maybe discounts here and there, but its mostly for soldiers in uniform. besides, soldiers aren't allowed to hitch. i think that's why they made the busses free. yes i know it'll be weird carrying a gun on shabbos. we'll see.

Thu Jan 11, 01:59:00 PM 2007  

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