Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tehilla Is Home!

Tehilla [bas Bracha] was discharged from St. Louis Children's Hospital today at noon. We are so grateful to HaShem and to all who have shared this ordeal/challenge with us.

She is in great spirits, thrilled to be home, and looks forward to getting back to school on Monday. She starts out patient therapies next week, afternoons Mon-Thurs, which will probably go for 2 months. HaShem should please continue to give her brochos towards a complete, full recovery; she's definitely on the way B"H.

Everyone in the hospital (all the nurses, Doctors, and staff) know Tehilla well and are so amazed at her recovery. This is a testimony to the power of tefilla and all the efforts on her behalf. We always need chizuk (encouragement and strength) when it comes to davening, teshuva, learning and doing mitzvos, especially when it requires self sacrifice or difficulty. If we'd only know and appreciate the power and affect our little (all the more so the big) efforts make through our choices. Our prayers make a difference, every mitzvah goes into a high yielding zechus account which pays and helps us more that the most impressive financial portfolio. Tehilla's recovery is proof (for those who are open to see and choose to think about this).

We hope and daven that Rafael Dovid (ben Brocha) will follow. I'll write more about our feeling at a latter time. It's serious but as I told several people yesterday: HaShem is the Creator, Sustainer and Supervisor. This means also... He created Dovid's brain, He sustains Dovid's brain (there's no cruise control..., every moment is an expression of HaShem's direct will), and He supervises all that's going on in Dovid's brain. The Almighty can put it all back together, He knows all the anatomy and how to make it all work.

He is making improvements but it's hard to see him not himself. This is the month of nissim and we hope that his movement on his left side, his thinking abilities, and all that needs healing and repair.

Dovid is scheduled for surgery on Monday morning (December 11th) to put back his bone flap. It's a 3 hour surgery and they expect him to bounce back within 24-48 hours. Please daven for him, give tsedakah on his behalf, and do what ever possible.

May I suggest that you think of other cholim in need of rachmei shamayim (mercy from HaShem) when doing these efforts on behalf of Dovid. Please continue to daven for 3 year old Reuven ben Tova Chaya, 4 month old Miriam bas Devorah, and I just heard that 4 year old Zev Eliezer ben Chaya Shaindel is in dire need of tefillos for a refuah shelaima.

I wish everyone a wonderful Shabbos and as all the brochos for the week flow from Shabbos, that this coming week will bring refuos, yehoshuos, and nechamos for all in need.

Thank you again for all you have done on behalf of my children. May HaShem, the source of all brochos, bestow brochos for you and your family.

Good Shabbos,



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