Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Mashi'ach-Is-Almost-Here Proof

R' Ya'akov Kaminetzky on Breishis 22:1 quotes a Zohar:

Come and see: a prince from the sons of Yishma'el for 400 years asked God, "Does the one who curcumcised have anything?" What did HaShem do? Instead of giving them closeness On High, he gave them something down here (instead of Olam Haba, he gave them from Olam Hazeh); in the merit that Yishma'el was circumcised, HaShem gave them Eretz Yisrael to have to watch while it's empty [before Mashi'ach], and they will prevent B'nei Yisrael from coming back etc., and in the future, they will start strong wars (milchamos chazakos) etc., and HaShem will [lit. wake up] on them...

That's exactly what's happening now. In the past 55+ years, we've been getting back the land, first the main part, then Yerushalayim and Golan and Sinai, etc. We're taking it back, it's time for the arabs to give it up to us.

And you say, but what about Gush Katif? We gave it to them?

There are, in all miracles, aspects of them that, if people wanted, people could reject them. For example, at Kri'as Yam Suf, Par'oh thought (whether he himself thoguht that or HaShem made him think that is a whole different issue) that the splitting of the sea was done by really really strong winds. So too here, so we gave back a little bit of the Eretz Yisrael. Not too much, but enough to make people skeptical.

This kind of fits with what the Rashbam says here (Breishis 22:1). Between the kicking out of Yishma'el and the Akeidah, there is the story of Avraham making a bris, a pact, peace treaty if you will, with Avimelech, King of the Plishtim. I won't take your land, you won't take mine, etc. The Rashbam explains that after that, HaShem was quite mad. "You're going to make a peace treaty with the Plishtim? To give them some of the land that I am giving you and your kids? Here, go kill your son--your future--see how much good that did for you."

The land of the Plishtim today is called Aza.

We'll just have to wait and see.


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