Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Siren

Just like last week on Yom Hasho'a, there was a siren to remember the dead -- two actually on Yom Hazikaron, one at night at 8 pm, and the other at 11 am the next morning. On Yom Hasho'a though, the siren is at 10 am, so when I looked at my watch at 1045 I thought I might have missed it. But then I thought can't be.... either way, at 11 I was on a bus to town. We were on Begin, and I see the bus pull over. I look up from what I was doing, and then I see him stand up, and I realize that the sound I hear in the backround is the siren. It was really cool, finally having that experience of stopping-in-the-middle-of-everything for the siren. I don't stand quietly. I don't think that does anything. I say Tehilim to myself quietly, l'ilui nishmas the dead. So that's what I did. Then it stopped, and we kept going. Until next year...


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