Sunday, March 08, 2009

Schimmelism Of The Week LXXXII

I haven't done this in a LOONG time... no good lines worth repeating. What is a man to do?

Props (some like saying "hat tip." I like that actually) to Kfare on this one. I think this happened at the Superbowl two years ago:

Clive (Kfare's English roomate): It's funny, I thought I heard a guy say SuperBOWL instead of superball.
Kfare: It is Superbowl
Clive: Oh, that's stupid.


Blogger Ra'anan (Ron) Schwarzmer said...

What do you think about a family-oriented blog, with multiple authors, so that many of the people in the family can keep in touch with each other? You do have your blog, but i'm thinking of expanding mine to include everyone in the family. We'd be able to post plans, questions, pictures, you name it. Even plan meet-ups, et al. Ideas? Comments? Rants? Raves?

Wed Mar 11, 05:38:00 AM 2009  

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