Monday, February 02, 2009

Kiddush Levana -- Praying To The Moon....? Nah...

Wow I haven't posted in a long time... shame on me. Anyway it's mine and Tzivia's wedding anniversary this Shabbos. One The year went by so fast didn't it?

I was at the Kotel tonight, and after I finished Ma'ariv, my friend and were saying Kiddush Levana, the prayer for sanctifying the moon after Rosh Chodesh. I've noticed that many people actually face the moon.

Listen, I understand how it would start that people would face the moon. Kinda like what I think about the Kotel, people just might not realize. I mean, you DO have to look at the moon first. But people have to realize that we can't face the moon. We have to face mizrach (or whatever direction Yerushalayim is), and not look we're actually praying to the moon.

The annoying one is when they're facing the moon when they're AT the Kotel...*sigh*

Are sfardis actually supposed to face the moon...? That's ridic...


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