Sunday, September 17, 2006

Earthquake...Or Not...?

If there was an earthquake near you, you'd think you'd feel it at least a little bit, right? Well, apparently not...

Israel Shaken by Second Quake in 8 Days
16:38 Sep 17, '06 / 24 Elul 5766
by Ezra HaLevi

The second minor earthquake in just over a week shook central Israel Sunday morning, causing no injury or damage. The Home Front Command has issued instructions in the event of a larger quake.

The earthquake, which was felt at 11:25 AM, measured 4 on the Richter scale - slightly less powerful than the 4.5 quake felt last Saturday morning....

Ramat Gan residents told Army Radio that they felt a definite movement of the earth.

What?? TWO in the last week? I haven't felt ANY of them! Later on in the article, it says there was one last Erev Rosh HaShana also. How does this happen? Ramat Gan is near Tel Aviv, past Beit Shemesh, and I didn't feel a thing.

Someone tell me how does this happen?


Anonymous Rebecca said...

Hey, A few years ago (pre-Netanel) the cats used to wake us up EVERY morning, way too early. one Shabbos they let us sleep in adn we were grateful. After Shabbos I went online to check news and found out we had an earthquake that A.M. Hey, aren't animals supposed to warn you about those types of things?
My first earthquake and I slept through it.

Mon Sep 18, 12:58:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Shemen Ra'anan said...

Dude - when i was like 6 or 7,(pre-you), there was an earthquake that knocked the birdcage off of the brown metal shelf i/we used to have. Anyway, i remember it waking me up, and i was awake only for the last few seconds of it. Apparently, abba slept through it. Ask ima about it. i think it happened in Ardsley(N.Y.)? i know that there's a fault line there, but i'm not sure if that's where it originated.

Mon Sep 18, 04:23:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Special Ed said...

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Mon Sep 18, 08:44:00 PM 2006  

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