Friday, September 30, 2005

Seudas Azkarah

Zsh: This better go in your blog.
Tonny: Duh.

Last night a lady came to the front door of the dorm, and says (in Ivrit, of course), "We're having a seudat azkarah, and we are inviting you." We're all like, "Free food! Free food! Damn straight!" So we went. It was at the big house across the street. If I'm correct, then their son was linched by arabs yemach shemam vezichram (may their name and memory be obliterated and erased), and last night was his yartzheit. It was awesome, the moshav is pretty much all Sfardi, and the whole moshav was there. It was really cool, and very Israeli, I loved it. I sat next to Zsh, with moshavniks all around. And 2 rabbi and one dude spoke (or 3 rabbis...? Not sure), and they did the het, and strong ayin, it was cool. And Qaddish was cool--not like I haven't heard it before, but it was cool. And just being there was great. Good food.
And last night once again I learned the daf with Rabbi W, and then I walked home with home. It was great, shmoozing with him again. Probably not the best idea, especially with my ankle...
And martial arts is cool. I'm taking it every Thursday during lunch. The dude, Avi, is like, dont care about anyone else looking at you, they might think it's corny, but so what? Yesterday, he was showing us that in a punch, you're ideally supposed to use the least amount of muscle as possible (I think I got this right), until the last moment when you stop, so the affect will be like when you touch something and a shockwave goes throughout the area. And he showed us....on me. I was the dummy today. First he showed with muscle, it hurt just a little bit, but the effect was that it pushed me back. Then he did the no muscle one....first he punched next to me to show how little muscle he ws using, and then, then he punched me. OH MY GOD. It was ridiculous, he knocked the wind out of me like holy mother. It took me like, 2 minutes to recover, then I was fine, but holy crack it was ridiculous. I hope I can get to that point....

Have an awesome Shabbos everybody.


Blogger Dani B. said...

You let Avi punch you?! Do you have a death wish?

Fri Sep 30, 09:18:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Shemen Ra'anan said...

Dude - it's the same in most martial arts. If/When you come back to galut(not *galus*), we can get together and i can show you what he means. And what he means by shockwave is the flow of energy from the contact point. Energy is released at contact, like in a shockwave - it differs when the contact is made in different ways. It's explained better if you have a concept of Newtonian physics. It's also better understandable when you break wodden boards(or those better quality break-away plastic ones, not the cheap break-away plastic ones) . Sifu* Steve from the JCCS in B'pt used to do this.

* Chinese** for Censei***
** 4th-degree black belt.
*** Chinese traditions and rankings differ greatly from Japanese rankings. A Sifu is actually equal to a 6th or 7th degree black belt. There are more Sifu's in the world than 6/7th degree black belts because Chinese martial arts are more commonly studied in other parts of the world, just not as much in the U.S.

Wow. i know *WAY* too much for my own good... Hope you had a nice R"H, and easy fast, and are being held in good hands this Holiday season. Just finished putting up my very first sukkah all by my lonesome on my very own birthday!

Sun Oct 16, 06:26:00 AM 2005  

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