Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Squishy And Bobo

Well, Dani, here it is...

For those of you who don't know (although, most of you probably do), the Yeshiva has a bunch of cats in the area. Stray cats that are just here, you know? When we came, Rabbi W told us that the cats weren't there the entire summer, and they came back when we got there.
Anyway, Squishy and Bobo are fine, BH, they're doing well. Sometime this week Mo and I (well, just Mo and I was like, yeah, nice) named the little orange kitten with one eye, Nemo, because it's deformed just like Nemo. And the other kitten, the grey and white one, is named Dumbo. We haven't seen Paco--I mean Richard Nixon--or Sparky yet.

Yeshiva's going well. It's kind of funny, they're trying to get everyone used to this whole 3 hour morning seder thing, when, I am already being that I went to the PMOSE for the past 4 years. We're doing HaKoneis, perek 6 of Bava Qama for iyun shiur (in depth), and doing Brachos for beqiyus (not in depth...). And believe it or not, one of my madrichim is a shochet, so we're going to learn shechita together and iyH (God Willing) I will be getting my shechita certificate thing by the end of this year. We also have philosophy, on the 13 principles of faith of the Rambam. Then a Nach class, and 2 chumash classes, one with Rashi, the other with Ramban. And Wednesday nights--from 630 til 1200 we're free. Good stuff, I must say.

Last Friday was our Yerushalayim Tiyyul. We davened at the Kotel and had a tour of Ir Dovid (city of Dovid), like, where they think his palace was, the tunnels with the water, *claustrophobia* and all that. It was awesome. First time at the Kotel in like, 15 years. It was kind of hard to concentrate because there was a Sfardi minyan going on right behidn us, and they were going on doing there thing, yelling out "REVACH!" in Qaddish, etc. Then I went to the Qotel to like, touch it, that was cool. Davened for....yeah, between me and the Lord.

Dude, Yerushalayim is the Bomb.
Motzash a bunch of us wen to Y-m, to chill out. After walking around for a while, Z and I went tot he old city for a bit. I must say, it is awesome. Like, the Rova, the yeshivos around there, everything. I love it.

Plan for life: Get rich, and buy apartment on Rechov Ohr HaChayim in the Old City (or a house, but I don't think they have houses there...).

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.


Blogger Shemen Ra'anan said...

Dude - is your RaMBaN class with Rabbi Lopiansky?

Wed Sep 14, 06:08:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Karban Nesanel said...

no...r' lichtman from mevaseret...

Wed Sep 14, 02:50:00 PM 2005  

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