Sunday, September 04, 2005

Final Word

Let's end the discussion. THis was commented to me by Ari G on my lj:

"i think as long as you were suggesting it as a possible understanding, doesnt bother me so much.
I happen to feel it would be awfully unproductive as Midah Kneged Midah, bc why do the poor ppl of Biloxi, Miss have to learn from the Disengagement.
Then again, ppl wanted to say the same thing about the Tsunami.
Some would say it cheapens the tragedy, bc it makes it sound like unimportant lives that Hashem could just wash away to teach us a lesson.
And it doesn't sound like it makes so much sense to say Hashem punishes the other nations of the world simply for our mistakes.
However it does seem to me something slightly similar.
An idea that bc we, the Jewish ppl are in disarray it affects the entire world. The entire world is affected simply by the Jewish ppl.
I'm not being as articulate as I want to be about this point.
But the idea is that, since we aren't doing what we are supposed to be doing (in my opinion being Shomrei Torah & Mitzvos, and then some) it allows the world to be open to such unnatural disaster.
OK sorry to cut it short, but the Shabbos Queen is coming!!!
I can't wait to greet her. [sic]"