Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gone Fishin'

Today I was putting on my tefillin (phalactyries) at shachris, and Mr E comes in and asks me when I'm going fishing with him (the last time I went with him was the week before Rosh HaShana in 9th gr--I caught an 8 - 10 lbs bluefish, so awesome), and I said, uh, I don't know, when? So he responded, he'll call me later to inform me when he's going. He called, he's picking me up at 930. He picked me up at 1000, but whatever, we went to his dog's vet first, then to the marina (which btw is literally 30 seconds away from the motel). We met a few people from the shul there, they came with us, Mr E invited them, 4 kids, and the mom of 2 of them. We went out, caught TONS of fish. Well, 10. I caught three, it was freakin awesome. And I watched Mr E fillet the fish, and all that. I would say something now, but I know some of you are faint of heart, so I'll keep my mouth shut. Anyway, We got back, and another family. mother with 3 kids was coming on the boat. And I caught one more, 4 in total. It felt really good.
At around 5, we docked to drop off the second family, and went back out to the water to fillet the 2nd batch of fish. On the way out, we were looking at all the people there who were fishing on shore, and Mr E yelled out to this aging black dude, "You want a fish?" So he said yes, and he got close and I threw it to him. I didn't understand it, until a few minutes later he said, "You know, it's sad, some people are actually fishing for their food. Sometimes they don't catch anything."

Got me thinking a little bit. I'm not sure what exactly, it was all jumble. Stuff like, it's sad, that these days, when it's sooo easy to get food, some people have to go fishing for their food. I don't know, some people may enjoy it, I love fishing, but it would scare me have to do that. What if I don't catch anything?

It's a harsh world...but then, there are these amazing people like Mr E, who will give you a fish. BH for people like him.


Blogger Special Ed said...

"Baruch Hashem for people like Mr. E" Thanks Tonny

Fri Aug 26, 08:07:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Karban Nesanel said...

sure ed, even though i wasnt talking about you, but sure...

Fri Aug 26, 07:05:00 PM 2005  
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