Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Only Recommended, Eh?

Motza'ei Shabbos, after taking a ride or two in Phil's Jaguar, I went to Peggy's apt for the night wehre A & P were packing up. Peggy had Hillel's papers that they sent out to all parents a few days ago with her, and she was reading them. In it was Hillel's mission statement, philosophy, etc. Well, it's supposed to be a frum school, but the m"i said NOTHING about Torah, or Yiddeshkeit, it just said something about learning diversity and shtus like that. That's not what a Jewish Day School should be about.
Next, in it they had the new dress code. It got stricter, including uniforms, but one thing got me. The last thing in the boys' section said, "It is recommended that boys wear tzitzis, at least for davening."

Is it my imagination, or does the Gemara not say, wear tzitzis. WHAT THE HELL?! I could've sworn that the Lord didn't just recommend to wear tzitzis, but yet, we have to. I'm lost here...ok fine, so we don't have to wear a 4-cornered garment in order to just wear tzitzis, you're right. But you know what the Gemara says after that? It says Oy to the dude who doesn't wear tzitzis when he is able to. He won't get punished for it per se, but if he does an aveirah, then he'll get punished more because he's not wearing tzitzis. I guess it's like pouring the gas on the fire.

My almamatar going to hell, my friends. Farewell, dear Hillel.


Blogger Zalman said...

I feel I must disagree with you. The world is not composed of black and white and any attempt to recreate it as such only ends up isolating certain elements of society. Hillel does what they can but they must also cater to who they can. I can not say they are right, but I can not say you are either.

Wed Aug 03, 10:51:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Hinda said...

It's a valid question Tonny.
Dude, this Zalman guy uses a lot of big words! Composed, recreate, isolating, what, they. Whoa! Good thing there are online dictionaries!
Yeah, online dictionaries! (Tonny style)

Thu Aug 04, 02:18:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Karban Nesanel said...

Z...what do black and whites have to do with this? stop bringing cookies into this!

but seriously, so what if its not black and white? certain things are, and we know we're SUPPOSED to wear tzitzis, its not just recommended. and since hillel represents the torah, and the torah says wear them, so logic dictates that hillel should also say, wear them, not just, its recommended.

Hinda...whos question is valid, mine or z's?

yeah, its a good thing z is my neighbor too. AND will be at yesodei waiting for me.

and yes, he's a big words kind of guy.

Thu Aug 04, 02:41:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Dani B. said...

Actually this discussion brings out one of the more misunderstood parts about tzitzit. The Torah and gemara only say you need to wear tzitzit if you are wearing a four cornered garment. Since most people don't wear four cornered garments they are not required to wear them but it is still an easy mitzvah to do and people wear a four cornered garment just to get this mitzvah. Tzitzit is very misunderstood this way. You could be wearing a pair of tzitzit and still violate the mitzvah if you're wearing another four cornered garment that does not have them (for example a Mexican style poncho). Every four cornered garment you wear must have them no matter how many you wear.

p.s. Z only uses big words to try and make himself sound intellectual! I know you though so it's not working you poser!

Thu Aug 04, 05:29:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Karban Nesanel said...

dani, i said that part already--the part about not really having to wear tzitzis. i mentioned it...

i dont know, i still think that a school shouldnt just RECOMMEND to wear tzitzis, even we "dont really have to."

Fri Aug 05, 05:41:00 AM 2005  

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