Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The God Zone

Every Sunday I get that email from Aish, with a bunch of articles. It goes in my bluk folder, but before I delete it, I look at it to see if there's anything I find interesting. This week, something did. It was about this woman, who while she was sleeping, heard her window, and when she moved the curtain, saw that there was a man on her balcony outside her window.
She said that she is sure that had she not have woken up when she didn't have to to watch kids for her mom, help her friend who was incapacitated, the break-in would not have ended how it did--she might have been hurt and stuff would have been stolen.

You never know how The Lord will pay you back for what you do. It might save your life, it might kill you ch"v. Only you can decide.

I hope to God we all make the right decision.

Change Of Fate


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