Tuesday, March 29, 2005

In The B'klyn

It was a lot of fun. Unlike a lot of people, I actually love my extended family. They're great. So we were at my father's 1st cousin's house, her name is Bella (Abba's father's sister's daughter's house). So her two daughters Esti and Shifri were there with their really really cute kids (and Esti's husband; Shifri's wasn't there), her son Zevi was there with his wife and son, AND two of my oldest first cousins from LA, Yehonatan and Eliyahu. They learn in Far Rockaway, and I know Yehonatan takes classes at Touro (he had to leave in the middle for one of them, but then came back), but I don't know if Eliyahu does. And of course Abba Peggy Reni and I were there. And I think that's it. It was fun, I haven't seen Yehonatan since I went to LA in 10th gr. I saw Eliyahu on my birthday at our 2nd-cousin's wedding, so that was cool. But I love Yehonatan, he's so funny, and has a great personality, and so open, and I love him, and it was great seeing him.
We ate, shmoozed, and then we watched old old recordings of these family things on Purim. We watched from '78, '79, and '87 (I was a month old, and I was in it!! I was soooo cute!!), '88 I think, '89 also. And also some random ones, like of them at the bungalo (sp?) colonies in the summer, etc. Lots of fun. And it was also the kind where there was no sound, so we were making comments etc., like they do on old shows on TV, so that was cool.
That's pretty much it, but it was fun. Tehilla, one of Esti's kid's (she's 8) was banging her hands on my shoe. As most of you know me, and what kind of shoes I wear, it didn't hurt at all. But I was like, Tehilla don't your hands hurt...? She's like no. And she gave me five also. SOOOOO cute.

Wow, I love mishpacha.



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