Friday, March 25, 2005

Ohhhhhhh Yeah...

Well, I'm here, BHYY. I'm in Whippany NJ, at the Lestor Senior Housing Community. This is where I davened for Rosh HaShana - Yom Kippur. So I'm here, AND we have a Megillah, Todah La-El. Everything worked out ok in the end. Why oh why it had to go this way and get me angry? No idea, but now I don't care, because now I'm here, making $400, and going to the YU Chagigah for the first time ever. Oh, and of course.....we get to raid the kitchen, because the rabbi has the keys. YEAH KEYS!! AND RAIDING KITCHENS!! Tomorrow we're waking up around 830 to make Kri'as Shema on time, and Megillah at 1000, and then going home. What about Seudah, you ask? Well, as the rabbi said, we'll take whatever we want to eat, wash, say HaMotzi, and then get in the car and eat the whole way. I was like sweet. 2 years ago actually, when we (Abba Peggy Tali and I) got to Tante Niti's house in Boro Park, one of Abba's cousins walked in, and just took some bread without washing, so his mother, my Tante Niti asks him, "What about washing?" And he responds, "I washed this morning. I've been eating all day." At which point I was like OMG THAT'S SOOO AWESOME!!! I WANT TO DO THAT!!! So I tried last year, but Abba wouldn't let. So maybe within the next few years. And maybe next year, I'd have 2 Purim's, so I could do it 2 days in a row. SWEET!
So the rabbi said that I should eat before Megillah. Usually, we say that you should wait, but he saw that on Yom Kippur I almost didn't make it, so he said I should eat/drink at least something. To which I said, ok sounds good. It's good too because I only had 1/2 a shwarma last night for supper, at midnight (didn't have time before the game). So I was, and still am, quite quite hungry.
Wow. BH I'm here. I haven't been here in 6 (?) months. I kind of miss it actually. It's a REALLY REALLY nice place. GREAT food too. One of the cooks, Leo, is really nice, and when I was here for Rosh HaShana - Yom Kippur, just let me take whatever, gave me whatever I wanted, it was great. And I get to use the computer--which I'm using this very second. And for quite a few seconds before this, and for quite a few after this also.
I actually should go now, because I should go over prakim 8 & 9 before I start, and I'm on at 715 (as the rabbi said, not 716, and not 714...). So, have a freilichen Purim everybody, and come to YU tonight!!


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