Wednesday, March 23, 2005

3rd Team...

Aight, so my third team got drafted today:
C - Vic Martinez
1b - Mike Piazza
2b - Jeff Kent
3b - Adrian Beltre
SS - Jose Reyes (looking a little familiar?)
OF - Vernon Wells, Moises Alou, Steve Finley
Util - Jason Varitek
Bench - Raphael Palmeiro, Eric Byrnes, Ben Molina

SP - Curt Schilling, Odalis Perez, Brandon Webb, Al Leiter, Bronson Arroyo, John Thomson
RP - Troy Percival, Scott Linebrink, Juan Rincon

Aight, aight...ok shut up, I know it sucks. Well, the infield isn't so bad. I like the OF, but, of course, no slugger. Yeah Alou, but last season was definately not Alou-like, he has not done that in a long time (or ever? I'm not sure...). Varitek I like, but he's getting old. Palmeiro I'm getting annoyed because I keep getting him--I like him, but again, getting old and probably not going to have a Raphi-like season anymore. Byrnes...I liiike him. He's young, talented, good number last year, should have a good year. And Molina...he's known for his D.
The pitching could be worse. It's not that bad, but I need more closers.I love Schilling, of course. Perez is clutch. Arroyo is ok, Thomson and Webb are wildcard--could be good, could be bad.

Well, we'll see what happens...


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