Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hey Y'all

Well, I'm back. Sorry for the short hiatus, but I was in New Haven til Monday night/Tues morning, so I was just sooo tired to do anything. Y'all know why. It was intense and powerful, but, you know what? It was quite fun. There were a lot of private jokes, and references, etc. And if I didn't get anything out of it whatsoever, I at least made new friends, i met mamash GREAT people, saw old friends, and helped people, which is great. One of the people I met, Judith, really reminds me of Rivka (y'all know her, one of the cousins in St Louis; although, when I looked at Judith's pictures, I saw Lindsay Lohan...). She's really cool. And BethAnne, omg, wow, she changed soooo much, it was amazing. And Miriam, and Rena, and Daphna. Tyler and Josh and [Prince] Charles. All of them. It was amazing. And Devorah AC--she's the diva. I liked my turn, it was cool, I went to a batter's stance, and had to stay still, because I'm always moving around. Even funnnier (or ironic? I could never tell...), my goals, which were written by Elisheva and Eliana were to "step up to the plate etc." I thought that was cool. And I sang for everybody, as it was their request. Now that was fun. I sang B'ni from The Shapiro Brothers (I have mentioned them before in my blog). And everyone loved me, or so they said. And I believe them. It was a fun weekend, thank you everyone for being there for me.

So last night, it was MTA @ Magen David in Varsity Basketball, 2nd round in the playoffs. BH, we won, I think around 64-57, but I'm not certain. A dude on MD made SEVEN 3-pointers IN THE FIRST HALF! Like woah! But then we scored a lot and won. WOO! So next Wednesday, is MTA @ RAMAZ, which is taking place at JEC (neutral court). Mad crazy game!! "The Rematch."

And tonight, was MTA @ DRS (Boys HALB) in Varisty Hockey, 3rd round of the playoffs (we had a first round bye a believe...but if not, then 2nd round). We were behind 2-1 going into the third period, and as told by one of the stars of the team, 12th gr Zack Korik, "We were flying, we didn't lose one ball [in the corner]." We won 3-2!! WOOO!!!!!! IYH next game is sometime next week, probably at HAFTR, as they are mistama (presumably) going to beat HANC.

Wow, crazy stuff man. It's great.

M! T! A! M! T! A! M! T! A!
Here we go Lions here we go!! *Clap Clap* Here we go Lions here we go!! *Clap Clap*

Aight, laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!



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