Friday, March 25, 2005


Well, I'm done. It's 918 right now. We started at 715. I started at around 725, 730, and finished at around 815. They sang a few Purim songs first. And then, for some reason, the rabbi announced that I "was accepted into two of the most prestigious post high school yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael." He said that like, it' s an activity for them to sing Siman Tov U'Mazal Tov. Whatever, it was fun. And then I started. I really have no ide how to roll the Megillah like you're supposed to, like a letter. I have no idea, so the rabbi, and the owner of Megillah helped me. So it was quite fun. And it went by pretty fast. And my voice held out too, which I'm happy about, because I totally used it all up last night at the game. And when I finished, I was happy to find a text message from BethAnne, that was nice. Then we had Purim Qiddush (don't ask about the 'q'...), of course, hamentaschen which I don't like but ate anyway because I was hungry, and some juice stuff. Then the rabbi brought me down to the kitchen (YEAH KEYS!! AND RAIDING THE KITCHEN!!!), and showed me the freezer, and there were pizza bagels. YEAH PIZZA BAGELS!!! So I had those--good stuff. And now I'm here. Oh yeah, before I ate I davened too. So that's it, and in around 1/2 hour we're going to the YU Chagigah. WEEEE!!! Freilichen Purim y'all!!


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