Sunday, March 27, 2005

Purim & Shabbos

Purim was awesome. It really was. I leined for the old people (and for myself!), I learned Megillas Esther, so now I know it, I made $400, AND it was all l'sheim Shamayim (for the sake of Heaven)! Who said that just because I'm getting paid, it can't be l'sheim Shamayim? And Thurs night, I was able to go to the YU Chagigah for even a little bit, saw the chevra, rebbeim, other people, some dancing, it was great. Even though the rabbi wanted to leave at 1130, right before the shpiel, still, it was fun, and I got to see people. I like people.
So anyway, leining was lots of fun. First, the Megillah itself was beautiful. It was a haMelech Megillah (where the word "haMelech--the King," refering to God, starts mostly every column), and above every column, the sofeir (person who writes Torahs, Megillahs, etc.) drew a crown, it was sooo gorgeous. Ok, so the was actually quite good, if I do say so myself. The rabbi said I was exceptional, and excellent. I wouldn't go THAT far, but it was pretty good. I had like, 2 or 3 rough spots (where I forgot trop), and I made two mistakes on words. So you know how sometimes when you're reading, and you read a word wrong? So I did that twice. The first one, was in 1:6, it says, " gelilei KESSEF..." and I said "gelilei ZAHAV..." Oh well. And the second, two pesukkim later in 1:8, it really says, "...EIN oneis..." and I said, "K'ein oneis.." And not only that, I made that "k'ein" mistake in the morning too! It's because my father and I didn't have time to sit down so he can hear me and correct mistakes like that. Whatever, it got corrected, and now I know, so it's not such a big deal. So that was the night, and the morning, I davened, then went over the Megillah in the klaf (parchment) once, and the actual leining was MUCH better then Thurs night. I had like, 1 rough spot, made that "k'ein" mistake, maybe one other thing, a guy said I skipped a passuk (even though I'm pretty sure I didn't), so I went back, and some words I wasn't sure, but thats about it. I looked in the Megillah next to me to see what the trop is only once in the morning, and like, 3 or 4 times Thurs night. It was good, and again, a lot of fun.
It's funny actually, I called Abba on the way back from the YU Chagigah, and he said, "You know what? When I got up there to lein, right before I started, I said to myself, 'hey, I forgot to review it.'" And I'm like what?? You forgot to review it at all?? He's like yeah. I'm like thats retarded. And not only that, he made only 1 mistake!! WOAH!!! I WANNA DO THAT!! I want to be able to not review the Megillah, and be able to lein it like that. Holy cr*p. The mistake he made, was that in Perek 9, there'sa phrase that pops up a few times, and each time with a different trop--which is REALLY annoying--so he made did the same trop for a few of them. And I think that's it. I'm still like, wow. I mean, it's understandable, I mean, this Purim alone he leined 4 times, and other Purims, he's leined easily 5 or 6 times. Like crazy.
My goal, is to lein Megillah, at least once, in less than 20 minutes. I know it's not good and I shouldn't shoot for that, but like, you know, at least one time, I would like that. Thurs night it took me 45 minutes, and in the morning, it took me 35 minutes. It could have leined faster, so as to finish a little earlier, but whatever. It was fun.
Shabbos was aight. It was annoying, I woke up at arond 240 am, and didn't fall asleep til around 615? Something like that. Quite annoying, let me tell you. Like, I woke up, it was night, dark out like usual, and then around 515, I notice it's getting lighter outside, and the birds are chirping. I'm like, no, this is ridiculous. I was actually thinking of davening to myself then, and sleeping til everyone came home at around 1200. But I didn't. I should have, even though I DID get an aliyah in shul...The gabbai asked me to daven Shachris too. I'm like, no, sorry Doc (he's a dentist). He's like Why not? You sure? I'm like, yeah, I'm tired and cold. So he's like ok. Then Stu comes over to me later (he's a gabbai too, but not the Head Gabbai, like the Doc), and he's like Shachris? I'm like, no, but thanks anyway. I don't think he heard that thanks anyway. Whatever. At least I know people like to listen to me. That's always reassuring.
Aight, I'm going for now. I'm really hungry, so I might go to TIme Out and get some pizza. Yeah pizza!! Aight, laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is possible to lein it faster why should we suffer like when i went to yeshivah it took almost 4 hours, well... last year my wife was in the hospital and i leined for her it took me 13 minuts....
if you want to lein fast practice ...practice ...practice...i used to lein for my sick father O"H(of blessed mamory) my avrage time is 15 minuts, NEVER more then 17, my fastest was 12, i'm now asked to go around to sick people and to hospital's,
anyway ...........happy purim......

Tue Feb 20, 07:08:00 PM 2007  

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