Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Car's dead, Jim...

So yesterday I was in Brooklyn all day, hanging out at Peggy's work--she's at Women's League, one of their houses--with Rivka, one of the cousins from St Louis, she's here for a week from last Thurs. So we get there around 1200, Rivk and I playing Scrabble (as my brother said once, "In our family, Scrabble isn't just a game, it's a personal vendetta."), after she beats me by around 40 points (I couldn't do anything after she put out a 4-letter word for 57 points....J on a double-letter score, AND a triple-word score...) I learned a little bit, Mincha, then we left around, uh, I forget. No, we probably left around 6. Yeah, that sounds right. Anyway, we're on our way to pick up our Kosher Delight order, and a few blocks away, on 46th St, the car dies. Like, just dies, in the middle of the road, blocking traffic type of thing. Not cool. So BH we were on a hill, Peggy put the car in neutral, and drifted down to the corner of Fort Hamilton and 46th St. Like, mamash the corner, we were perpendicular to the corner, not all the way on the side. So Peggy called her work, told them the car died, and one of the councelors, Eli, came looking for us--he also had our food; KD brought the food instead of keeping it there for us to pick up (they're food is great, but they're idiots). So Rivk and I went into his car which he pulled right up in front of Peggy's, ate the onion rings. Peggy came in, and then a few minutes later, a cop comes to give a ticket, so Eli gets out of the car to explain. The cop says, "Get back in the car!" "Dude, the car's dead, it ain't going anywhere." "Get back!" "Dude, it just died, we're waiting for a tow truck." "Are you BS-ing me??" "No." So in the end, the cop just put the envelope of the ticket on the windshield to make it look like she got a ticket so she wouldnt get another one, but Peggy had to stay in the car. So Eli gets back in, we drove around the block to be facing the other direction, and then he ZOOMS across all 4 lanes of the street to be facing Peggy to try to just the car. Didn't work. While they were doing this though the tow guy came. Peggy went with him, but Rivk and I couldn't. We had to find another way home. So Eli followed the tow truck to the gas station we brought the car to, got some stuff, and then figured out what the plan was. So Peggy would go home with the tow guy, a christian Pakistani guy named Josh, and Rivk and I would wait for Abba to come (he was in Croton anyway teaching Hebrew School--BH he wasn't in CT already. When we got to the gas station, he already at the George). So from the gas station, Eli took us first to his house to change his pants because they had a huge hole by his right knee (so apparently, at 430 AM he was roming the streets of B'klyn (he couldn't sleep) and while he was walking, he knocked into a Puerto Rican dude, and the PR was like, F***ing Jew. So Eli says, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you, did you say F***ing Jew?" at that point, Eli, who was in Tzahal for 2+ years, punches the dude in the face, his head snaps backwards, and then does a move thing on him, and brings him to the ground quite quickly. I don't know how, but he got a hole in his pants), then we went to KD again to pick up some soup for someone, dropped the soup at the dude's house, and then went back to Peggy's work and Abba was there already. So we left at around 815, 830, got home at like 1000, 1015. All that time smelling the KD chicken in the carm not being able to wait to have it. Rivk kept saying, "I can't wait to have the chicken, I'm SOOOO excited!" Apparently they don't have KD-like establishments in STL. So yeah we got home, ate supper, wathced Everybody Loves Raymond, Jay Leno, etc, went to sleep. So that was my exciting day yesterday.
So the car....they think its the alternator (spelling?). When Peggy tried turning the car on, the engine would turn, but it wouldn't catch. And the lights were on, I think the heater was working too, so it's not the battery, they think. So we'll see what happens. We're supposed to go to B'klyn today also, but we'll find out when Peggy calls the Mobile station right here where they dropped the car. They could say it's all better, they could say, it's broke for awhile, lady, or they could say we haven't looked at it yet. So it's possible we won't go, and I could make an important call to EY today....


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