Tuesday, January 18, 2005


so what is the first the you think of when you see NYM? hm? what is it? i know, that the first thing i used to think about when seeing NYM was New York Mets. but that was until June 18, 2005 around 1000. now i think of my darling nephew Nesanel Yeshaya Moshe Schwarzmer. he is just sooo cute. 2 days ago, he stood himself up. YAY!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, so I'm posting anonymously because I don't feel like signing up for anything...

As is obvious from the proper grammar, spelling, and syntax, this is NYM's quasi-aunt and she wishes to know why the link to the picture isn't working, and why you got a new picture and I didn't!

(Don't worry, I'm taking pictures when I go home for vacation and I'll send those to you)

Wed Jan 19, 04:07:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

June 18, 2004 thats 2004, not 2005. His bris was June 18, 2004! A) his bris did not happen a year and a week after his birth) B) you cannot know the future

Fri Jan 28, 02:10:00 AM 2005  

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