Friday, January 14, 2005

Mikey Butler & Mrs. Steiff Aleihem HaShalom

today, 3 Shevat 5765, were the yartzheits of Mikey Butler, and Mrs. Steiff, Aleihem HaShalom. i didn't know Mrs. Steiff, but i know quite a few people who do. everyone loved her. i like to think, that if she were my teacher, my feelings about her would be like everyone else's.
i met Mikey when i was in 5th grade, at a 5th - 8th gr jr spring regional shabbaton in ffld. i didnt know about his illness, and didnt really know about it til 9th gr. but anyway, Mikey was the drummer at that shabbaton, and i remember, motza'ei shabbos, at the night activity, i wasnt really doing anything, except standing by the stage, watch Mikey do his thing. i love the drums, and he was really good; i enjoyed watching him very much. known for his quote, "day by glorious day," he lived everyday to its fullest, and having bitachon, that all that happened is from HaShem, and He knows what he's doing. my words do not do justice to Mikey, so please,
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May the neshamos of Refa'el Micha'el Yitzchak HaLeivi ben Nechama Sara and Shaindel Rachel bas Eli'ezer Tzvi have an aliyah.


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I posted soming about Mikey on my blog. DM

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