Thursday, January 13, 2005

Schimmelism Of The Week I

I just had a great idea: apparently, so I hear, a lot of people like my Schimmelisms, so Im' going to have, as the title suggests, a Schimmelism of the week every week, so everybody can delve deeper into the mind and humor of this very, very interesting man, Rabbi Dr Sidney B Schimmel. I will post them on Mondays, usually. obviously I couldn't post this week's on monday, so here it is on thursday:
Zack: Rabbi, are you going to come to our hockey game tonight?
Rabbi S: If your game is in my living room, I'll come. & make sure you don't break anything if it is.
Occasionally, I might not use a Schimmelism, but other quotes heard within the walls of the Preeminent Modern Orthodox School of Excellence that I think are just mad funny, such as:
Jason: Mr. Deutsch, have they fixed the Pentagon yet from 9/11?
Mr. D: I assume so.
Nachum: No, they're going to change the name. Going to call it the Triangle.


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