Thursday, April 03, 2008


Ah, the army... BH I am in it. Really. I really am happy I'm in it. Sometimes though, it gets annoying.

Like yomtov for example. My 2 favorite yomim tovim are Simchas Torah and Purim. On Simchas Torah night, from 2 pm before yomtov - 10 pm at night I was in the hummer patrol, missing, for one, davening with a minyan, and of course, dancing. In the morning I was in the kitchen, but I didn't really care and davened with the minyan anyway. I even got to lein thank God. Didn't really dance though.

The two days before Purim I was at the checkpoint at Rimonim (I was there last week to when the closed it...stupid Condoleeza...), but because the M'saya'at (another company in Duchifat) switched us late, we couldn't daven with a minyan. In the end I leined for about 7 guys. We couldn't even go have any type of chagigah, party, dancing, food, music, nothing. Everyone's doing shmirah, or toranut, or something or the sort. 30 minutes after I finished leining I had to go to a fillbox til Motza"Sh, meaning that Fri morning, the mitzvos would be really annoying. I took someone's megillah with me and read for myself in the fillbox Fri morning (19 minutes!), and from the scarce amount of food we had in the mini fridge, I made a kinyan on 2 or 3 things and gave it to someone for shaloch manos (I couldn't even go to the makolet before to buy stuff). Seudah was a roll with a slice of coldcuts -- but then Shmulik came and he made some shwarma, and also snuck a little bottle of wine. Matanos Le'evyonim I asked Tzivia to give for me, but then on Shabbos I realized that she's in Yerushalayim, I'm in Ofrah...

But mah la'asot? Someone's got to take care of these arabs. At least next Purim will be normal -- not in the army (ba"h), not on Friday...


Blogger tnspr569 said...

Thanks for protecting our land and people. Keep up the good work, dude.

Fri Apr 04, 02:08:00 AM 2008  

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