Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The 25 Hour...From Now

So my wedding is now a shabbos away (aka in another 25 hours). Never thought it would come so quickly. A really great friend, mentor, and teacher of mine on my last birthday said, "happy birthday. i know it will be the start of your best year yet!..." I don't really know how she knew that, unless she just figured, army, got to be. I don't know. I'll ask her.

I'm just sitting and waiting til it happens. I mean, obviously, if something needs to be done, I'm doing it. But in general, that's what im doing. It really nervewracking, I just want it to happen already. Nu nu...

Besides that I'm good. The army's not bad. Two weeks ago guy left to the commanders course, so now we don't have enough people to go on missions every night like we used to. That's a load off the head. More breaks, more time off to do nothing, or whatever else you want. Actually, if I wouldn't be getting married now, I would have returned to base on Sunday night to go on a big mission. I heard it went ok BH.

Because I'm getting married, I beH will be on vacation for awile, so I had to return my gun. I have to say, boy I miss that thing (don't worry, I miss Tzivia more). Carrying it around for a whole year, you get attached to it. And honestly, I feel safe with it. I know that if ch"v something happened, I'd be able to take care of business. Or at least, it would be much easier than if I didn't have a gun.

I don't know, that's pretty much all I have to say now. Just thinking about the wedding, getting married, hope no one's insulted if I forgot anything or anyone. And all that stuff. Hope everyone's doing ok. I'll try to post more often, now that I'm on vacation and that beH I'll be getting out every Shabbos. We'll see.


Anonymous Abba said...

Then, offhand, I'd say it was time to amend that part of your profile that says, "Don't know when we're getting married, but when we know, we'll let you know." 'cuz you now know when you will get... I mean, GOT married. I know 'cuz I WAS THERE!! And so were you. I have the pictures to prove it.



Wed Feb 13, 01:17:00 PM 2008  

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