Monday, March 27, 2006

Not Just The Gadol's Door This Time...

Sheirut to Yerushalayim: 240 shekels.
Massov (shwarma place) dinner in Yerushalayim: 525 shekels
Taxis to 13/8 Rechov Admor MiRadzin in Har Nof: 125 shekels.
Sheirut back to yeshiva in Zanoach: 260 shekels.
45 minutes with the Bostoner Rebbe: priceless.

Yup, that's right, after being denied the chance to see R' Ovadyah Yosef a few weeks ago, and R's Chayyim Kanievsky and Shteinman (that was this day), Joey set up a meeting for the yeshiva to meet R' Levi Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe. He davens there, so he knows the Rebbes sons, especially R' Naftali, so he called him, got some numbers, set it up, and BAM! an appointment with the Rebbe, tonight at 830.
We get there, R' Wolicki knocks on the door, and says and asks, "Are you Nesanel (the gabbai)?" And the reply "no." We all held our breaths then, and for around 5 seconds, we all thought we weren't going to go in. But then we hear R' Wolicki say, "Oh ok," and I felt much better. We walked in, sat down around the table, and a few minutes later, the Rebbe walks in. He sits down, starts speaking to us. He spoke to us for about 30 minutes. About Pesach, and getting the chameitz out of our bodies, and doing mitzvos. You know, the usual. And then after that we all spoke with him one-on-one, for a minute or two. Beforehand we had written little notes, so the Rebbe can daven on our behalf, hopefully maybe he'd be able to get HaShem to say yes, you know? Rebbe's have this special thing. I gave him mine and Max's (he wasn't able to come, he had to leave for the airport), and asked him something else, and he gave me a bracha for that. Hopefully the Lord will help me.
Overall, a great night.

Oh, and I fixed up my sapphire d'var torah which is always good...


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