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New England Region Spring Regional, Camp Seneca 2005

That was the shabbaton in a nutshell--and yes, I used a thesaurus.
Keep in mind that this is take II of this post, so it's not going to be as good as the original one would have been. And this is a long post. Really long.
The bus ride was fun, seeing people again, especially some of the people getting on at Stamford. Advisors, Beth got on there, Bex of course, DJ, Lauren Wex, etc., fun bus ride.
We got there, brought our stuff to the bunk, picked beds, chilled, etc., saw all of my old friends, made a few new ones. We had lunch, R Miller introduced the regional board and advisors, and then an icebreaker. Devora Miller passed out letters in different fonts, and you had to find the people with the same font as you to make the word, then to get with other groups and eventually, find the message, and it was a welcome message. Ed and I didn't get one, which we didn't mind. Then during that, Aron and Meir got into a "fight," and the only way to decide this was to split everyone up and duke it out. Yup, color war. Weee! My first one, too. I was on Meir's team (BH), we were Yellow. Ed, Abby Vish, Lauren Wiz, Gonzo, and I were all the same team. Schepps also, Charles was too. The Winklemans were, and that chevra. Adina, Devorah, Rachie, Ari I think also. We went to go play dodgeball. It was awesome, Yellow won all 3 games. The first was everyone, next game was girls only, and then boys only. The girls only game we killed, and the boys only game we won by that much. Mike Epstein caught a ball as R Miller was counting down, 3, 2, 1...It was awesome. I was so into it, I had already lost my voice by davening time. After d-ball, we chilled a bit more and then got ready, and wrote some Shabbat-O-Grams. Sometime on Friday I got my regional board sweatshirt. OMG THEY'RE SO FREAKIN HOT!! They're red, and like, AWESOME! As Ed said, and I realized also, he said, dude, these are going to be sooo hot in the beis next year at yeshiva. I'm like asright boy! ... Then shul time, Baruch Levine did Kabbalas Shabbos instead of Aron, because he had also lost his voice by then. Baruch Levine, he was on D'veykus IV and sang HaMalach Hago'el. Great voice still, and K"Sh was no different. Then we went to go eat, and actually the food was really good. Then I introduced Abby Vish and Effy for divrei torah, bentched, then the "Dr Shmill show" skit. IT was funny, it was done really well. Sooo HMS omg. Then we had an oneg, in which I taught the family Raninu Tzadikim epon the request of Shifra and Devorah. I had been losing my voice already, so it didn't so that great, although everyone liked it. Then Gonzo did shtick and told a fake Kehaneshama Mehira story, and we sang the song. Meir was smiling I think. At 1230 we moved it to the gazebo outside so Meir can serve his 1 of 2 chulents he made--one for now, and the other for after Qiddush (don't ask me why, but the Quf is really with a "q," so I hear) before lunch. So we had some, and Meir told the real Kehanishama Mehira story, sang the song and a few more, and then went to bed at 200.
We woke up around 845, 900, with minyan being at 930. I had been losing my voice, so again, my singing and Shachris wasn't that great, but again, everyone loved it. I did the slow Ein Ki'erkecha, and went into E-l Adon. And for Nekadeish and Az Bekol, I did Yedid Nefesh from Aish I, and Mimikomicha was Esa Einai. IT was fun. Then Charles leined and BH you came Charles and thank you once again, you are my savior. I got Maftir, which was cool because it was the first time (and last, apparently) I had done the Haftarah on a Shabbaton. So that was cool. Gabbaiing was fun too, and Charles leined quickly, which was good. We finished around 1130, had Qiddush, and had more Meir chulent, and Meir demanded a dt or no chulent would be served, so I said one. So we ate, chilled, talked, Abby Vish was and Anna were over there in the other gazebo, so I sat to Abby's left, then Shifra sat to my left, Bex was there, Schepps was there, it was fun. We tried tying Twizzlers into knots in our mouths. Abby did it very well, and almost even did it to a regular Twizzler. She's good. She can also lick her elbow. Anyway, so then Shifra and I left and chilled for a bit, that was fun. Then we had lunch, more chulent. Then more divrei Torah, bentching, then team commercials. We got a certain passuk, and had to make a commercial from it, my team got "hochei'ach tochi'ach es amisecha--you shall surely rebuke your nation." There were some funny commercials, including Team Green's about companion or death, and Rachel and Akiva being one of the successful couples. It was really funny. Then one of the other Team Yellow ones, with Ed and Abby Vish and Schepps, the girls fell, and a group of guys came upon them, and said, we'd help you, but we're shomer, and started singing Can't Touch This, it was great. Then we Minchaed, then Menuchaed...
It's 753 and I'm going to shul now to talk to God...
Ok I'm back...God's good.
First thing I did during Menucha was play Scrabble with Abby Vish, and Laurens Wiz and Wex. I went first, and my first rack I got E, X, C, T, I, N, G, so I passed my turn, because there was NO WAY IN THE WORLD I'd give up getting a 7-letter word and its 50 points just to go first. So I passed, waiting for an I, and when my turn came, no I was there, but there was a wide open, a for EXACTING, double-word score, 86 points, and won by a lot with 165 or something. Then I chilled with Hinda a little bit before her session. Then I went to her session--it was really good I was really impressed with her. Then we had Ask The Rabbi, which dealt with vegetarianism according to halacha, what's with cursing, smoking etc., and other stuff. Then it was shaloshudes, and ebbing. Ed spoke really well, of course. Ebbing...well, what there was of ebbing was amazing, they were so into it. Ed said to me (and once again we were thinking the same thing and I noticed also), we've been on many shabbatonim, a few with 250 people, and they are louder now with 70 people. Then his next line made me cry, he said, we definately did something. I was like, dude we did, and it's awesome. But, ebbing stunk because it was so short. HaMalach Hagoel sung by Baruch Levine, Devora Miller spoke, then Lev Tahor and that's it. Ed and I just sat there. Adina came over and said that things change, but we will be able to sing later, and we could make it happen. And Meir said later to me that R Miller didn't know how much longer he'd be able to hold them for, so he stopped them there. I hear that, I really do, but like, ebbing is that special moment you only have once, and for us it just wasn't long enough.
We then Maarived. I started crying during my Shma Koleinu, and I just got stuck on one point, like Lord what the hell?? (don't worry, nothing about the shabbaton or whatever--something I daven for everyday) And I couldn't move on in my Shma Koleinu, I just kept like, Lord please let _______ and let it happen already, they don't deserve what has been happening to them. It was probably aroudn 20 - 25 minutes long Shmoneh Esrei, and I was late to Havdallah, but whatever. Havdallah was awesome, it was around an hr and 15 minutes long, and just so amazing. And yes we sang Someday. And then mad crazy dancing after it, whew! Then we had a bbq melaveh malkah and talent show. Ben rapped "Must Be My Rebbe," "I Want To See Your Neshama," and the halacha song, although I don't know the title--Ben if you're reading this, if you could, please indulge us of the title. Thanks man...anyway, then he tapped. That was freakin awesome--dude, Ben is awesomely talented. I wish I could rap. And then Bunk C did their thing, The NER Breakers--I wish I could break dance too--the ladies like that...hehe, jk. But seriosuly, I wish I could break dance. But then we went back to our bunk to go to bed. But...Ed got us on regional board these small water guns, so Ed, Schepps and me had an excursion to Bunk C to get Rabbi Boaz. Schepps and I walked in with the waterguns behind out backs, and everyone's like "take off your shoes!" (since it was rainy, it was muddy, and they wanted a clean floor...) And Schepps and I are like, uh NO and I started shooting Gonzo, Schepps went off, and Ed went to the back where Boaz was, emptied the gun three times on him, and when Boaz locked himself in the bathroom (not really, they were these flimsy curtain-looking doors), Ed stood on the sink and splashed water up through the top onto Boaz. So we were leaving, and as I left I turned around to see Ed barreling a kid over, and so Schepps and I ran down the stairs, and Ed wasn't coming out, so we realized he was still in there, so I yelled, "Man down! Man down!" We got back, we saw Gonzo on top of Ed on the bed, so we jumped on them to get Gonzo off, I shot him more, and Ed and I left, and I think Schepps got captured. But we forgot about him cuz my gun broke when I fell on my deck going into my bunk, and Ross (one of the head camp dudes) came driving by in his atv so we told him about our excursion. Then Schepps came out though. Then we went to sleep.
We woke up about 800, minyan at 830. We davened, breakfasted, then sports started! There was baseball, hockey, football throw (yeah Charles!!), soccer, etc. I did baseball against Rube. Batting cages, 15 pitches. He beat me by 1, he was 13/15, I was 12/15--but I smacked the ball and probably would have had two homers at least. And I batted lefty. But it was still cool everyone cheering me on, it felt good. Hockey I missed all 3 of my shots, but it's ok because Shifra did too for the other team, so it's like we Xed each other out. Then we had a few more and we had lunch. And then after lunch regional board helped Devorah (technically I think it's that she helped us...) set up for banquet, like balloons, sequense (sp?), etc. it was fun. Then I chilled with Aron, Ariela and Shifra, then hung out with Ed's parents, then Abby and Lauren Wiz serenated me and Ed with their version of "I Want To See Your Neshama." When Ben was rapping it, I was rapping along, and I was just looking around and across the way Abby Vish and I caught glances, so I was serenating her sorta, and then at the end I'm like, Abby I met your parents already. So yeah, then I chilled with Beth for an hr, and Charles came, and DMD, Hinda, and Dovid. Then she gave me a letter she wrote to me. She thanked me and other stuff, it made me cry. I love you Beth.
I got ready for banquet, showered, dressed, put on cologne for the first time. 'Twas nice. Smelled reeeaaallly good. Minchaed, then gave my siyyum on Seder Nashim. I can safely say that HMS has helped me improve my public speaking by like, a lot. I did it on the last part of the last mishna in Sotah, about the bad stuff right before Maschiach comes, mainly for the last line, "On Whom can we rely on? On Our Fathr in Heaven." I wanted to apply it to everything to give everyone chizzuk. I looked right at Shifra when I said, if someone wasn't accepted to something...she noticed that. Good. Then we took pictures, regional board guys, then regional board and Devorah, then HMS picture. That was fun. Then just walked around saying hi to everybody. Shifra was my "date," and my tie and her dressed matched--silver. It was cool. So then I took a picture with Lauren Wiz, little sister Abby Vish. I think that's it. Then we had chapt president walk in, regional board walk in, then advisors, that was funny. Then is started, Ed spoke amzingly, again--he made up something on the spot. He saw a sign on the far wall which said from Pirkei Avos to make for yourself a rebbe and buy a friend. Then we got Journeys' cd's as a token of appreciation, then all srs going to yeshvia in EY next year got a book from West River Regional Director R' Shlomo Ressler. Good book. Then we ate, videos, then awards started. Aron introduced the award, Kesser Shem Tov--and I got it. That was cool. And then Shifra got it right after me. Weee! That was cool, because you know she was my "date" and all. Then was Ben Zion...4 chairs were set up, and standing behind them were Ariela, Devorah, Adina, and Devora Miller. Ed was annouced and said to me, If you're not in, I kill you. When I was announced, he hugged me and said, "Welcome aboard, b****." Then Rube was announced, and we said, "Biaaaaaaaaatch!" Hehe R Miller probably doesn't even know what we're saying...Then Devora Miller got Lauren Wiz. Us 4 this year.
It was nice, I don't know how they decide who escorts who, but Adina escroted me to my seat. That mean[t/s] sooo much to me, because of all people there, I think I knew Adina the longest, being Fairfield Advisor and all. Thank you so much Adina. I love you.
Then Ed got a scholarship for $2500 for yeshiva next year. Then videos, dancing, etc. Banquet was really beautiful, it was great sitting at the dais. I loved it. Then after Banquet we bentched, yearbook--that was good. Every time Meir was in it wearing his tzahal uni from paintball at Winter R, I yelled out "Meir is so hot!" It was great. It was made by Shimmy, and after it, Ed and I did the Shimmy chant. It went over well. We didn't forget you Shimmy. I miss you.
I didn't forget you either Devora. I wish you could have been there, but I understand and it's not your fault. I love you, I want to see you next week.
Then we had team skits, Green's was pretty funny. Then we had the kumzitz. At first I was like, eh, because it was mandatory and everyone was there, but it was great. In the middle though, Bex left, and I hadn't yet talked to her, so I left to go talk to her thinking it was the last time we see each other before I go to EY, forgetting about the SATs on Sunday...anyway, so yeah I went to talk to her, that was nice. I miss you Bex! Then I went to get my sweatshirt for Shifra. But then I was cold and she was going to change her skirt, and she had my Devils sweatshirt from Fri night, so she got that and I had my regional board sweatshirt. Then I spoke, I thanked everyone, including Ari and you, Shimmy. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me in the 10+ years I have known you. I love you Shimmy.
Then we davened Maariv, and again I started crying in Shma Koleinu, for the same reason as the last night. (I don't get it, but Peggy was reading this, and she guessed it!! it really that easy to know what I'm talking about??) Then we had another kumzitz. There were smores, and in the beginning the atmosphere was like, eh, but as it got later, the atmosphere got better. I sat next to Ariela and Devorah, and then Shifra and Anna came, surrounded by them. It felt great. I felt safe. At that point I couldn't sing anymore, I would crack everytime I went up even a note. Devorah was like, sing, I'm like it doesn't sound good, she's like, I like it anyway, or something like that, so whatever I sang. And then I cried about the same thing I did during Maariv, but that went away soon. We had to stop at 4, and at 355, I started Nishmas from Shalsheles III. I was singing from my stomach (the diaphragm as Beth said), and I reached everything, it was awesome!! I couldn't believe it. I saw Adina looking at me like, wow, he never ceases to amaze me. Yeah I'm probably TOTALLY wrong. Whatever, I like guessing. So the kumzitz ended, went to bed, talked with Meir about the awards, and ebbing. When we went to sleep at around 450, it was already getting light. Woke up at 800, minyan at 830. Packed, davened, went back and packed some more and brought my stuff to the front. Breakfast, evaluations, helped Adina bring her bag to the front. Brought some of Meir's stuff to the front. Then we started the goodbyes. We got in the big circle, R Miller started thanking everybody, dancing, then after the song, I realized that R Miller wasn't thanked, so I took the mic and said one person hasn't been thanked yet. There's a Gemara I think that says that one of the kings of Yehuda (I think Yoshiyahu, but I'm not sure) would have been Maschiach, but he didn't say Thank you to God. So please let's all thank R Miller. It was cool. Then the crying started. Rube started, and he's emotionless as we all know, and he said, "What is this salty discharge [coming from my eyes]??" It was funny. I was crying too. Then we started the goodbyes and thank yous. I started with Adina. OMG, it was so hard. I've known her for 10 years or something, and like, just, so hard. And then the other stuff I said, and we were both crying at the end very much and being shomer sucks! But it has to be done I guess...But I said to Devorah, Hinda, I think Ariela was there too, Ed was, I'm like, Devorah, I'm not in NCSY, I don't have to be shomer anymore. Ed was like, yes, Tonny I'm so proud of you! I was kidding though. Saying goodbye to everybody, was annoying, a lot of them I'm not going to see for quite awhile. Before I got on the bus, I had to do one last "Meir is so hot!" and I did, it felt good. I asked R Miller if he knew of a place to stay for me if I were to stay in Boston, he said I'd be able to stay at his house, mostly likely, just give him dates.
The bus ride was good sat next to Beth, talked with her, talked with Hinda. Sat next to Ed a little bit, talked with Devorah on the phone, txts, Bex, she called, she met us at Stamford at Agudas Shalom. I had to say goodbye to Beth, I hope it's not the last time I see her before EY. And DJ, I told him when I come back I want him on regional board. He said he was going to try.
At Fairfield, I had to say goodbye to Ariela and Lauren. Lauren was crying. A lot of times we're dude, you have such an attitude, I don't appreciate it, but we're always joking and we love each other. I'm going to miss her. And Ariela, oy.
And then I came home. I'm still on the shabbaton high, but I already feel the emptiness. I miss NCSY so much already.
Aight, I have been spending literally all day on this post. Laila tov vachalmot metukim. I love all of you. I would list all of you, but that will take to long.



Blogger Special Ed said...

man you verbalize so much better than me. hey i resemble that. oh no a dinosaur is chasing me ahhhhhhhhh biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch

p.s. sequins

Wed Jun 01, 04:30:00 PM 2005  
Blogger The Dark Pixy said...

When I get a chance I need to write up everything just like you did. Oy Tonny, I miss you so much. Even though I talk to you every night on the phone.
Just like you said. Whenever we are together we have our moments and we become closer but I feel as though this weekend we got so close and had so many moments it's unbelievable. You gave me something Sunday afternoon that I never thought I could get. And you did exactly what I wanted my whole life and now my heart is so much more open and so much less afraid.
I had so much fun with you this weekend and I really hope you end up going in June because I really don't want that to be the last time I see you before you go to EY. I love you Tonny!

Wed Jun 01, 06:29:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Dani B. said...

can you write a condensed version of this post. I don't have enough time to read all of this! where can I buy the cliffnotes?

Wed Jun 01, 06:53:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Shifra B. said...

OMG that was so long.... Thank Gd for free periods in school... I miss you so much. That was definatly an awesome shabbaton. Damn pple that need to do "work" on the school comps. We'll see each other over the summer don't worry.

Wed Jun 01, 07:34:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Karban Nesanel said...

Ed...hehe. ah ed, i love you man.

Beth...that's why im here. i want to see you too before i leave. dont worry though, we will. i love you too Beth., sorry. that took me literally all day to write, im not writing another one. besides, what would i leave out? even if i know what to leave out, it wouldnt be the same.

Shifra...i miss you too Shifra. it WAS an awesome shabbaton. i miss ncsy already. yeah ill see you during the summer. you too dani.

Wed Jun 01, 08:11:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Dani B. said...

Now that I read the whole thing i need to thank you for a blow by blow description of a spring regional as a senior (I never had one I had my brother's wedding instead. not a bad trade off if I say so myself). Don't despair about NCSY being gone too much before you know it you'll be an advisor with all the people who you miss. (that is if gila doesn't make you declare aliyah the second you step off the plane next year!)

Wed Jun 01, 10:15:00 PM 2005  
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Thu Jun 16, 06:31:00 AM 2005  

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