Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dude...Uch I Can't Think Of A Title

Hey y'all, whazzup? Been a while, again.
Shabbos was nice, I had Fri night eats with ima (and yes, I said eats...), and that went totally fine. Her sister is here from EY for Tali's bas mitzvah and my graduation (which was last night and I'll get to later), and I haven't seen her in like 15 years (besides when I went to see her on Weds and she gave me a niice Israeli wallet), so it's good being with her. She's funny too. Then Shabbos afternoon I was at abba's, I started reading such an awesome book (The Greatest Game Ever Played by Jerry Izenberg), and played Aaron in Scrabble. He's in 8th grade, so I kinda beat him...285 - 198. Yeah...Motzash I moved furniture, and that's pretty much it.
Sunday was fun. I woke up at 600, packed, davened, ate, and went to Bi Cultural in Stamford for the SATs. They were ok. Too much english, though. We kept getting english, english, english, at one point I was like, dude no more english!! Didn't work though...I didn't know the essay would be first, so it was nice getting it out of the way, especially unexpected. My essay was so bad though, it was half a page. Whatever. I think I totally ROCKED one of the english sections though, the one where it has a sentence, and a word/phrase is underlinded, and you have to choose if that's the error, or not error, so yeah that one. I totally ripped it up I think. So we finished, Bex called me and I'm like you're done? She's like we chilled, waited for her mom to pick us up, we had lunch at the JCC (it was pretty good--good bbq ribs), then went back to her house and just chilled. It was a lot of fun. We should do it again Bex. Then I took a shower and changed into my suit. Bex's mom drove me to the train (BH for nice people), and off we went. Oh God though, my bag was SOO heavy because of my boots. Jeez, I never realized how heavy they are. So I got to GC, and I had to walk from there to the Marriott (well, I probably didn't HAVE TO, but I did anyway). I thought GC was near Broadway, but nooo it's not. So I walked to Broadway, then to 45th st, and BH for other Jews, because I wouldn't have seen the Marriott. I asked them and they're like, it's right there and I say, ohhhhh. So BH I got there. But not before seeing the naked cowboy...what's this world coming to? Anyway, I got there, put on my tie jacket and hat (what, I'm going to walk in that weather with a jacket on??), went up to the 5th floor. After registration I dropped my stuff off. But registration...When I got there, I didn't know what to do, so I said my name, and they're like, who are you with? "NCSY." "Pittsburgh?" "No, New England Region, [have you heard of it?]" Whatever. So I'm wondering around, I see Denah--BH someone I know. But she wonders off, whatever, then I see Ari! WEEEEEEE! YAY ARI! So yeah, I walked with him a little(he didn't like ANYTHING at the reception, what the hell?! I was wondering why he didn't take anything...), saw some other people, saw Rabbi Jack, that was cool. Met some Pittsburgh and Celeveland NCSY people (apparently, like, all of Pitt came the night before or something...OH RIGHT FOR MIKEY! Nevermind then...). I was talking with Denah at one point, and this dude comes up to us and I'm like I know you. He's David/Long Island/goes to Rambam. I'm like aight whatever, so then later he says his last name is Bloch, and I go "OMG SHABBOS COMES ALIVE!" He's like oh right! I sang with him on Shabbos Comes Alive (he's next year's Long Island Regional President, btw), so that was cool. And just like me, David and Amanda, another Island NCSY dude, they couldn't find their names on the list. And it's weird because Jack had our names there. Like, he told them we were coming. Whatever. We ended sitting with Denah at table 73. But then after Att. General Gonzalez spoke, we had to move because we were in dudes' seats, so we went to the back, Amanda went to talk to Jack. And before this, we went to see if our names were on the list again. So we went, I said my name, and I saw my name on the list (I was reading upside down, but I could still read), and she's like, sorry you're not here. Idiots...I hate women. No I don't just some are so stupid. Anyway, Jack comes back, and table 79 was open, but no one was sitting there, so they asked if they could set 3 spots there. So the waiter's like, I have to ask my manager. But in the end, a few people didn't come who were supposed to sit at table 38 (or 39, I don't remember), so they put us there. It was awesome, because all the Ffld people (Mr's and Mrs's Macy and Augenraun, Dr Allen, Mr Parker, R' Engel, AND El Solomonte`. So that was cool. And Denah spoke, intrpducing the Mikey Butler video. That was cool. OH I saw rebbe there at the reception, because R' Shachter is his father in law, who got an award for all that he does for NCSY. So rebbe was there, which was weird. Anyway, it was cool. Lotsa fun. At the end, David and I serenated Denah, Amanda, and the other girl who was with us, we sang for them Mendy Wald's Pihah Pasichah (Yeah Adina! I KNOW you like that! :-) Asirght!) I sang melody, and David harmonized and I must say, we sounded SO FREAKIN AWESOME! Adina, you would have LOVED it. We sounded really good. Then we maarived. It was so annoying, 20 minutes after they announced maariv and special Yom Yerushalayim dessert downstairs, it was gone already, like, what the hell? Whatever, I got my stuff, walked to the 1 at Broadway and 50th, got on, sat down eventually, dropped my stuff off at the dorm, then went to Phoenix's to pick up Ed (yeah, he was supposed to come to the dinner also, but Adina DAC and Ariela all didn't feel well so they're like Ed just skip the dinner and stay with us? And he's like sure. So at first he didn't tell me that and I was annoyed, but after he told me that, I was like, oh ok, I would have done that also (I hope). So in the end, I'm glad Ed stayed with them). We got back to the dorm, got him a mattress, and went to sleep. It's funny, because Avishai didn't know he would be here, so I was like Ed, he's probably going to be like, WTF? When I woke up at around 930, actually, I heard Avishai say, Tonny be careful there's a crazy man sleeping on our floor. I was like hehe and went back to sleep. Or tried. But then we woke up and davened.
Time to start the day. I'm like, yo, you want to walk St. Nich? I need to get a pair of really nice fake sunglasses for $5. So he says ok sure. So we go, we're walking around, checking stuff out, he's like, dude, this is actually fun. We went into a store called Anna House--it's a sports store, sleeing jerseys, hats, etc. It's a cool store--Ed even took a picture of the overhang thing with the name of the store on it, I guess for his sister. So we're going, see stuff, we got to 181st, saw a ciask thing, a lot of sunglasses, but not the cool-looking kind I'm looking for--they all looked gay. Well, or for women. Ed was looking for a Braves fitted-hat, but no one had. So that was the far side of the st street--at around 179th we crossed back to the near side of the st. and at around 180th and 181st, there was a store with sunglasses on sale for $4. I saw a pair I liked, tried them on, but they were broken a little, which was annoying, because I didn't see another pair I liked. I went to the other selection they had in the store--again the gay looking ones. So I went back, and saw the same exact pair, but not broken, Ed's like they're fine, and BOOYA! I got sunglasses, $4! SWEET! So then we went back to YU, talked to dudes for a few minutes, picked up my cap & gown, said hi to people in the beis, dropped off the c & g in my room, then went to Dougies to have lunch with Devora and Ari! WEEE! So Ed and I get off, get to Dougies, and Ari says, no fleish, come to 79th by Filene's basement. Ok fine. While we're walking, I say to Ed, dude, we BETTER let Ari know that we wouldn't walk a whole subway stop for anybody. Ed then says, I bet he'll be like, no let's go to 86th..and then we'll end up back at The Heights and eating at Revaya because Ari wanted to see how far we'd go for true, btw. So we called, and we ended up at Estihana (sp?). I must say, they have really good food there. It's funny, because I don't even like sushi. The honey baby ribs we're really good, and Devora's cripy beef things were also really good. The wontons in the wonton soup werent big enough though--but still good. It was sooo good to see Ari, and Devora. I saw Ari at the dinner, but like, he all over the place, he said it's hard for him to talk to like, one person at something like that, and that was ok. And Devora I haven't even talked to in such a long time--since I stayed for Shabbos in the heights. *sigh* AND when Devora called me at banquet, I couldn't find my phone (I knew it was in the bunk though, somewhere), so I couldn't answer it...:'( Devora I really miss you so much! And I really want to come over to see your new apt.! After Estihana, Ed and I came back up to The Heights, wasting $4 because we went down on the wrong side of the tracks--we went down the "downtown" one, and we needed uptown...yeah whatever. It was pretty funny actually. So we got here, we saw Rabbi Bronstein in front of the dorm, so we talked to him a little bit, I went to math, Ed chilled in my bed, I came back, more chilling, went to Golan, then I changed, then graduation.
Wow, this is becoming a long post...
We went to the Beis, and got in line, abc order. At 730, we had the procession, sat down, Levine (who in MBC) and Speigel sang HaTikva and Oh say, then people spoke, we had chants, like M!T!A! M!T!A! and the like. We did the slow clap, we made it interesting at points. "Mr Merrill." And then we went up to get our package-stuff, with the fake diploma, contemporary halacha thing by Al's shiur, and the awards we got if any. I got the Amy Something-or-other Memorial Award, from the class of '78, for going to EY. $600 baby!! Asright! So then we had food, said bye to everybody, took pictures, took one with Rabbi Schimmel (yeah Rabbi! I'm going to miss you! I definately have to call him next year...THAT'S a number I;m not getting rid of). Got presents from R & R (and Netanel), Sara Adina (thanks SOO much again for the picket knife!), G-parents serkin, ima and stu, from Amit. Weee! I got a baseball book from R & R--yeah baseball! :-D Then I hung out, went online, studied for math a little, went to bed.
Woke up today, davened, went online, ate then studied, then the final--which wasn't so bad, I answered 8/11 questions, which I know did pretty much correctly, so I think I did ok BH. And now here I am, iyH going home soon til next week. IYH I hope to be in Boston for Shabbos (not official yet, but I'll get back to y'all), and definately for Shvuos. Weee!
Wow, this is a long post--I wasn't expecting THAT.


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crunchy beef heheheh what is that called again crunchy beef hehehehe

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