Friday, June 03, 2005

Boy, Are We Screwed Up...

I was watching the news while doing the math section of an SAT yesterday (got a 600), and they were talking about the case of the 9 year-old girl killing her 11 year-old playmate over a rubber ball at a Memorial Day bbq, and they wanted to know if it was a crime, and if she should be punished [like an adult]. This Christopher guy was analyzing it, and brought in a case in FL going on now where they're trying to figure out if they should try a kid who beat up and killed his 7 month-old sister because he was jealous of the amount of attention she was getting. His last line did it:

"It's sad when a 7 year-old doesn't know the value of life. It's even sadder when an adult doesn't know."

How true it is...


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