Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fantasy Baseball Update

So as of this moment, I am in 5th in Rabbi's league, 2nd in Yahoo Public 240019, 5th in Yahoo Public 250147, and 3rd in Yahoo Public 254571. Not bad, right? I don't think so. And my teams aren't doing so bad. In both of the last two leagues, the dudes who had Travis Hafner dropped him, because he hasn't gotten hot yet this year. What idiots. Trav is a STUD, and is going to be great this year on that young Indians team. They're just impatient. Baruch HaShem for that. In 250174, so Trav was dropped yesterday, so he's still a waiver, so I'll know if I have him like, tomorrow or the next day. I dropped Matt Morris for him. In 254571, he was dropped on APRIL FIFTH, so he was already a free agent, so I get him tomorrow, and in this league, I dropped Moises Alou, who's on the DL and I don't expect to be good this year anyway. BH for idiots.

Yeah Trav!!

HAHA...! Oh wow. So I'm listening to The Fan right now (660 AM), and Joe B & Sid are on now instead of Mike & The Mad Dog (or The Angry Puppy as Steve Somers calls him), and today is Joe's wife's 50th birthday. Before they sang happy birthday to her, but she didn't hear it, so they sang it again just now. Oh wow, that was great...

Ok anyway, yeah, Fantasy's going well in the 2nd week of Baseball. BH for Baseball!!


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