Thursday, April 14, 2005

JR NER NCSY Shabbaton In Fairfield!

Yup, I was an advisor. It was crazy. But soooo fun. Of course I didn't get to hang out with the other advisors SO much, but it was still lots of fun, and we hung out quite lot (well, it's never REALLY enough, is it? Yeah, that's what I though...). And meeting new people was great too, and even though they're only in 7th or 8th gr, I was their advisor, so that it was different.
I stayed at the Madwed's house with Phoenix and 9 or 10 other boys there, AND I got my own room and bed. It was fun, hanging out with them, Fri night til 130, Motz"Sh til around 200, talking fantasy baseball with a few of them, it was great. And what was awesome, even though the some of the boys didn't listen to us, like, we'd say like, get up, or get dressed, they didn't and we're annoying a little bit, when they left, they're like, thanks dude. That was cool. And to be there for them, that felt good, trying to bring them closer to HaShem--that's what it's all about. So you know my blue rubber livestrong-kind bracelet, that says yad chazakah? Well, I gave to a kid, who promised me he'd sing everything if I gave it to him. I hope it helped...
So Shabbos afternoon, we had menucha, either at the shul, or at the park. That was fun. And Motz"Sh, we were SUPPOSED to go to Smiles Entertainment, but the bus never came. We called and called and called, but they didn't come. So we hung out at the shul. But you know what what? It was still fun. We had pizza, music, we played catch with a football in the parking lot, played gaga, more pizza and music. That doesn't sound as fun as Smiles, right? But it's not just what it was, it was the atmosphere, and even though really it probably wasn't as fun as Smiles would've been, we MADE it fun. "And the 7th and 8th graders said, 'Let there be fun," and there was fun." So as a gift to everybody instead of Smiles, everyone was given a free cd slideshow of all the pictures taken that night by Stu. It's a great CD. Looks really nice. And Stu was up like, til who knows when burning CD's. Crazy...

Dudes, I want you to learn from this. We MADE it fun. Y'all can do that too. Like, if you're having a rough day, and I know it's hard--trust me, I know--just try and MAKE it somewhat good, and fun, like just smile, you know? That's a start. And then just like, do just say to yourself, I'm going to have fun with this. I can't explain it so well, like what you should do, but you get my drift, if you MAKE it fun and good, it will be, but if not, you'll still have your sucky day and it'll suck. And we all know that just totally sucks.

Sunday morning, we got to shul, davened, ate, had closing, and left :-( It was annoying seeing everybody go. I didn't get to talk to some people that I was kinda hoping I would talk to. But the shabby was still awesome. So then I went home and packed, and then Aron dropped Rachie and Ari off at my house, adn then took Adina, Ariela and Phoenix to the train, while we waited at my house for him for a ride back to YU. That was fun. We talked about YU mostly on the way back, and Quest, and Teach for Israel, and all that, and that Richard Joel is awesome.

And Monday, I got rejected from KBY, I took my gemara be'iyun test which I probably failed (although we got our beki'us test from march th back finally, and I TOTALLY rocked it, I ripped it apart! 99...), had no math cuz D Shatz wasn't here, yesterday filled out the AP answer sheet, our name, address, AP number label thing, etc. And shechita class last night. Let me just say that there was stuff that happened that probably is 1 out of lets say 500 g's. If you want details, IM me.

Aight, talk to y'all later.



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