Friday, April 01, 2005

Alrighty Then...

...ok so now it's working. It actually was working again around 1/2 an hour I posted that pissed off one. But a guy in the dorm thinks that it was worldwide, because when he signed on, his friends that are usually online weren't. Same with me. It was weird. And no one on my buddy list was on more than 8 minutes when I signed on. Whatever, just interesting.

So my day was good. Got to shiur on time. It was aight. Sarachek during lunch. Sarachek during history...hehe...and then again after school. Ariela came (weee!!!) to see her cousin on Atlanta play. YAY! I haven't seen or talking to Ariela in a few days :-( but now I did. WEE! Well, I talked to her like, last night for around 5 minutes, but that's it. So I came in with her, and sat with her, and she was with her aunt uncle and like, other cousins. Whatever, it was fun. Then during the game sometime, one of my classmates called me (he's in 10th gr, but in a 12th gr shiur...) and he's like, who are you with (he saw me come in)? So I asked him where he was in the gym, because I couldn't find him. So he's like, I asked first. This went back and forth for around 45 seconds, then I say NCSY advisor. Don't worry, she's not my girlfriend...then he says, I'm dissapointed Tonny. I don't care. I like girls. And girls like me. Supposedly. That's what they tell me...

Ok, Peggy's coming in 3 minutes. Gotta go!



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