Thursday, March 31, 2005

YU Sarachek Basketball Tournament

...starts tomorrow!! WEEEE!!! I'm so excited!! I love Sarachek!! 20 schools from around the country come to YU and play basketball. Ramaz (booo!) is #1 seed, and MTA is #2, so they have bye's tomorrow. Those first games are Fri morning, and could be heard somewhere on All games could be heard there. Games start at 8 am tomorrow. A lot of MTA guys ditch class to go. Maimo's going to be there, and if MTA and Maimo go at it, MTA will kick their...yeah, we know. Or, as we like to cheer, "Ra ra ree! Kick them in the knee! Ra ra rass, kick them in the...other knee!" Yeah, that's what we'll do to them. Shifra says, "dude, we score 70 points a game, vs. public schools!" And I say, uh, dude, we have the best D in the league. We play the 3-2, and our 2 guys on the bottom are 6'5" and 6'3". Yeah, that's what I thought Shifra...So iyH, it will be MTA vs either Ramaz or Kansas in the Sarachek Championship game on Monday. Ramaz because we have to kill them, and Kansas, because they beat us last year in the Championship game. And Claster, one of the 3 guys with the cornrows, is back, because he is in my grade. I thought he was a senior last year. Oh well...

M!T!A! M!T!A! M!T!A!
Here we go Lions, here we go!! Here we go Lions, here we go!!
Ram it up Ramaz! Ram it up Ramaz!

I didn't say that...

OK, for real now, laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!



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