Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fantasy Updates...

I said I would, so here it is. In Rabbi's League (capital 'L,' because it is The League), I have two SS's, Mike Young and Edgar Renteria, so I traded Renteria for Lew Ford on Minn. I know, not such a good trade. I need steals, and Ford has sorta, eh, I could have done better. Didn't really do anything for me. Oh well.
I also proposed two trades, one is P Lo Duca and Troy Percival for JD Drew. He needs catchers and closers, I need a big bopper in the OF, so maybe he'll bite. The second proposal is J Varitek and K Brown for John Thomson on Atl. I don't like Brown, I don't trust him, and he also needs a catcher, so maybe he'll trust Brown--like Torre does--and he'll bite. We'll see.
In Yahoo Public League 240019, I have Shawn Green as my 1b, not something I want. So I proposed Shawn Green and Jason Kendall (catcher) for Travis Hafner on CLE (giving him hafner so HE has a 1b after trading Hafner). He needs a catcher BADLY, so BH he gave me Hafner. Hafner is one STUD player if you ask me. Then I proposed another trade (actually a few days ago, before the Hafner trade), Varitek and C Biggio for JD Drew. I like this Drew guy. I don't like Biggio this year, even though he is going back to 2b, one can put him in the OF or 2b, I have a 2b (Kent), and he needs a catcher (what a surprise...all of my teams have extra catchers for trade bait, so I look for the teams who need, and get what they have. Smart, eh?).
In League 250147 (the one with Vic Martinez and I-Rod both), so I traded Vic Martinez and Lawton for Drew (I like Drew. Can you tell?). So now I'm trying to trade I-Rod for someone, preferably a 1b, because Piazza is my 1b. I hope he'll go back to his usual self, but you just don't know, so I proposed I-Rod and E Durazo for Mike Teixeira from TEX. He's also, quite quite a STUD. He's awesome. My 2nd proposal is I-Rod and Jack Wilson (SS) for Mike Young (SS). Even though I need a 1b, I like Young, so I'll take him. Although, to make sure I get Teixeira before the Young trade gets acccepted, I should probably X the Young trade. Eh, whatever, it's a "fake" league anyway (being that Rabbi's League is the real one).
And in League 254571, I have no trade proposals, but I picked up D Wright from the Mets. Even though I have Beltre at 3rd already, first, I like Wright and he'll iyH be awesome this year. And 2nd, he's good trade bait to people who don't have a good 3b.

Aight, that's all the fantasy for now. Now it's the real world and sleepy time...Yeah right, I'm probably not going to bed for like, a long time. Come on, I'm in the MTA dorm, what do you expect??

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!



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