Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You Gotta Love Timing

Yeah, you really do. So A & P went to B'klyn on Thurs, so they can have "a Shabbos to themselves." Yeah, well, they ate Fri night and Shabbos afternoon by people. Yeah, whatever, "ourselves." Yeah, you do that...Anyway, that means I had to find my way home from school Thurs night, and to school from home today. And I had to make sure I would be at YU at around 1700 (yes, 24-hr clock...) so Abba can give me money and whatever else. So at 330, I realized I should probably get ready soon. So I started packing, I called the Kapnicks, but they couldn't bring me to the train station. So then I think Reni called Abba (I didn't hear the phone ring), and then Abba's like, you had a whole to figure this out, bla bla bla, whatever. So I called one family, they weren't home, then I called the Lerner's, and the second son had the car. So I called the cab. It was around 1545, 1550, and I asked to be picked up to be brought to the train in time for the 1621 train to NY. So the lady said they'll try. So I waited....didn't come. The taxi came at 1620...so much for the 1621 train. So in the car, the guy started talking (and cursing a little too much also, chaval...) and he mentioned he was in the army in the 70's, I was like, oh cool! So I get to the train station at 1640. So now I have to wait for 40 minutes for the next train to NY, the 1721. So I was going to call Shifra, because when I was waiting for the taxi, so I was talking to her online, and the computer just decided to be annoying, so it stopped, and I didn't say anything to her like, bye, so I wanted to tell her what happened to the computer. So I was buying a ticket from the machine, I put in a $20, and I had $9 + to get in change, so it gives me nine of those gold $1 coins...oy. Whatever, I was going to call Shifra, but then Gila calls. And we talked til the train came, but what was annoying was that like, every 4 + minutes, her phone automatically hung up, it was really annoying. But then the train came, so I hung up, and there were two Jews right behind me to the left, and I think they were Lubavitch. So Abba calls at some point, and says, you know, maybe you should try taking the shuttle from Stern to YU for free. I'm like, that's a good idea. So I got out, I called Rachie, and I'm like, dude I have no idea what I'm doing, except I know I'm walking to 34th St., after that, no idea. So she said to go to 35th and Lex, and she'll meet me there, at the Stern building. So I did, and we walked to Brookdale, told me what to do (ie. show my ID to the security dude--haha, Burns security...), and then we wait like, 15 minutes for the shuttle, hanging out. It was fun. I like Rachie, she's awesome (dude! I totally forgot, I didn't wear her fork tonight...!). And then Ariela called, and got confused. And then I was on the shuttle. It was funny, the girl in front of me, was talking I guess to her sister, because she said something like mommy said she'd pay for the dress...I'm going. When you're ready to talk to me without screaming at me, I'll talk. And then she hung up. Another girl was saying on her phone, you're not the best, you're soooo disgusting, and you're in for a surprise. And another girl said something, but I forgot what it was, something like that though. It was quite interesting. And then when I got off, I thought I saw my step aunt, but then I wasn't sure. But it probably was. So that was1940. Anyway, the point of this whole ganse megillah (yiddish--big story) is that I was annoyed because I missed the train, but only for the reason that I would miss at passing by YU. But he couldn't come at 1700, and at 1800, 1810, he still didn't leave yet. And then he said his stomach wasn't feeling too good. So in the end, he came at around 2200, and all is hunky dory, and I had fun today. I've been to Stern once before, but that didn't count, that was to get on a bus to go home, and I didn't even go in, just waited outside. And I of course can't forget...I saw the Ka$h Girl!! WEEEEEE!!! I haven't seen her in forever! But I did! Weee! But it was only for like, 5 and a 1/2 seconds...well, maybe a bit longer, but still. IYH next time will be longer, yeah Hinda?? Yeah it was awesome, that was timing too, because I saw Hinda coming out of the door at Brookdale, and she was leaving, so like, if I wasn't there in those 3 seconds, I wouldn't have seen her. Woah, I love God.
Aight, I'm going to go daven Maariv (the midnight Maariv is sooo clutch!!)
Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!


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